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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mark Strickson WhoFest 2017

It was a busy weekend with Texas Frightmare Weekend, Free Comicbook Day, and WhoFest. I have attended WhoFest in the past. It’s a nice con but there is not much there for me except for a few autographs.  This year, it seemed even smaller. I do wonder what it will be like next year.

Mark Strickson is old school Dr Who. Not my favorite companion and he didn’t travel with my favorite Doctor but he is part of the Whoverse I grew up with. 

He was a nice guy.  Since he didn’t have a line, he chatted with the two guys in front of me about the hidden British politics of an episode he was in.  This is background that is lost on most Americans. Besides not knowing the context, there is a delay when the episode is aired in the US. This makes it hard to see the importance in a speech or specific scene. It was interesting insight.


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