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Friday, June 9, 2017

Julie Dolan and Matthew Wood Madness Games and Comics - Free Comicbook day 2017

Madness Games and Comics had actors 10 people signing at their store on Free Comicbook Day. It was a mix of Power Rangers, Star Trek, and Star Wars.  I was interested in Julie Dolan and Matthew Wood from the Star Wars universe.

I got to the event a few hours after it started and people were still in line getting their free comics and in line to meet the celebs. I was not the oldest person in the room. However, I was skewing the average toward the end of the curve.

I picked up Matthew first. We talked about lunch (we were both hungry) and what the store was going to feed them.

Julie was friendly. Since she was a ‘princess’, there was a slight line for her. I was definitely the oldest person in her line. As she signed, she switched pens.  An odd thing to do. I’m assuming it was to make the character name stand out.


PS I don’t read comic. I never thought to go through the line to pick out free comics to read.  These comics are specifically printed for this day and are handed out free to the public.  As I was updating The Wife on my success, she asked if I got any of the comics.  Of course I said ‘no’.  Then she reminded me that our friends visiting us from out of town do read comics and they are busy at another event. The Wife made me go back in and pick out some comic books for my friends. She is a good person.


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