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Friday, August 4, 2017

Gini Koch – SDCC 2017

It has become a tradition for me to see Gini Koch (aka the force of nature), get a book signed by her, and get a big hug.

For Wednesday’s Preview Night, I saw her earlier in the evening and I was far less sweaty. This time I did not mind hugging.  People are smelly enough and I don’t want to contribute to the malodorous assault to the nose.

I knew we recognized each other but I was surprised she remembered my name. Very classy and impressive, Gini. Thank you.

We chatted about a few things. Mostly about an upcoming move for her. As with any change, there are positives and negatives. I’m hoping for the best for her. This might be the excuse I need to change conventions I attend each year.

Our conversations are always interesting and free flowing. Even with the excitement of SDCC and the adrenaline rush of being in San Diego, it’s always a two way dialog.

Oh, and on his Preview Night, I got to tell her I actually read the first book in the ‘Alien’ series. It’s a good, fun, and relaxed read. Go to Amazon and order it today. You won't be sorry.
If you remember, I met her while waiting for another author and I had no idea who she was. At the first meeting, before I knew it we were hugging and I was buying her book and we were chatting like old friends. Now I have actually read one of her books. Yeah me!

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