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Monday, August 7, 2017

IT cast mini poster SDCC 2017

While Thursday is a blur, I do know it started off with a bang. There was a late announcement for a signing of the movie, It. You are never really sure who will attend the panel.  And if that actor attends the panel, it doesn’t mean they will attend the autograph signing. Stallone is a good example of that.

So with typical SDCC aplomb, we looked over our options and decided to try for this raffle. Luckily we successfully pulled winning tickets and got our holographic wristbands. One of my buddies actually had to work his way through the raffle line a second time.  If you know SDCC and the WB autograph line, that’s a modern day menorah miracle. He got one of the last 2 wristbands.

When we lined up for the signing, we saw 1 adult (writer/director) and 6 little ones.  The kids had a good time at the WB both. They were chatty and the posters would pile up next to one actor or another. Then someone would remind them they needed to sign and not just talk to the fans.  A sudden rush would occur and they would rush to move the pile from their right to their left. The pile then became the next actor’s worry. It was comical.

While not 100% certain of the order of the graphs on the poster, this is my guess:

Andres Muschietti (top left), Jeremy Ray Taylor (top right), Wyatt Oleff (center left middle), Finn Wolfhard (center right), Sophia Lillis (lower middle), Jack Dylan Grazer (lower left), Chosen Jacobs (lower right).
This was a great start to SDCC 2017.


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