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Friday, August 18, 2017

Midnight, Texas cast/book signing SDCC 2017

Since the convention center is already packed with booths and displays, there are many large interactive displays set up in the Gaslamp district. This is very convenient for the attendees as it’s across the street and next to a lot of restaurants that my fellow nerds eat at every day.

Between the convention center and the Hard Rock Hotel, is an island of concrete for the trolley stop.  The area is large enough to contain some of the convention overflow displays.  At the Midnight Texas display, there was a cast signing for the new TV series. I must admit this was a surprise and as far as I know really under-publicized.  This makes me wonder how many more events outside the convention center occur that I never hear about and miss each year.

A buddy of my SDCC friend clued us into this. I got in line about 90 minutes early. The signing for Midnight, Texas overlapped the time for The Originals signing. Thankfully The Wife was flexible and attended that signing for me. The sun was brutal but I had my foldup stool and a neckerchief soaked in water which I wore on my head.  The people around me were nice and friendly. A rarity. I even let the mom use my stool for a while.

The studio didn’t provide posters. They handed out copies of Charlaine Harris’s book which inspired this TV series.  Getting a book is different and I kind of like the idea. Having the cast sign the book is slightly unstable.  With 9 people signing, the title page can get crowded. I did see that other people used the promotional bags to have the cast sign. That was a good idea as it had the 8 actors displayed on the bag.

While I know some of the actors from other roles, I didn’t recognize most. However, I did recognize Peter Mensah from Spartacus.  As I told him I really enjoyed Spartacus, he bowed his head in acknowledgement and said this show was very different. Yeah, I would imagine. Not too many vampires in Rome.

As I stood in front of Charlaine Harris, I mentioned I got her signature at a book store in Plano, TX. She smiled and told me that was a while ago. Then I followed up that it was before True Blood. I got a bigger smile, and ‘oh, that was ages ago’.

Arielle Kebbel (top left), Dylan Bruce (top center), PeterMensah (top center 2nd row), Jason Lewis (middle right), Parisa Fitz-Henley (middle left), Charlaine Harris (middle center), Yul Vazquez (beneath Harris), Francois Arnaud (lower left), Sarah Ramos (lower right)


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