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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Catherine Dyer and Randy Havens Alamo City 2017

With the new season of Strangers Things available, it’s surprising more actors from the show are not on the circuit. Alamo City ComicCon had both CatherineDyer and Randy Havens in attendance.

As Catherine and I chit chatted, I asked if she was going to be in season 2. She looked at me.  With a wry smile she said she was killed off.

Me: Oh Honey, I’m sorry. I truly don’t remember that.

Catherine: yes, they did it. So, I’m not coming back.

Me: awkward silence. Proverbial crickets in the background.

She was nice about. It was my fault for not having watched Strangers Things 5 times. It would also help if I didn’t play Words with Friends while watching TV…

I did not embarrass myself with Randy that way. I was just kept to the basics: Hi, love the show, thanks for coming to San Antonio, thanks, bye.


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