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Monday, December 18, 2017

Krysten Ritten Book People Austin TX

Road trip.  Four of us drove to the weirdness that is known as Austin. Krysten Ritter was at the store, Book People to sign her novel, Bonfire.

The nice thing about this road trip, it did not start at o’dark thirty and we got home at a decent time too. We drove together, which was good as I had no clue where this book store was. We hung out, ate, had a nice time, and drove home.


Wait…you want more…oh. We’ll its Christmas. I’m kinda busy. I’d thought I’d just write that and move on.

Huh…this is embarrassing. Okay, here goes…

She was sweet. She showed up a little early. That is always nice. She was more than willing to sign outside items. Which also was really nice as we all brought something for her to sign. She was very friendly and upbeat and she chatted with everyone.

Good enough?

What do you mean I always say that? Do I? Wow, tough crowd.

Okay. This isn’t really my tale to tell but I’ll share.

One guy in our group wore a cool looking Jessica Jones t-shit. He had just gotten it from eBay. After Krysten signed and posed for a photo with him, she noticed the shirt. As he started walking away, she called to him: Wait! Where’d you get that shirt...(I swear I heard a New York accent in her voice)

Fellow hound: Ummm, I bought it...

Krysten, excitedly didn’t wait for our hero to answer: That’s the cast and crew shirt for season 2. Who sold that it you?

The crowd hushed. It was like a kid being called out by the teacher. They expectantly waited for tears.

Friend: I got it off of eBay. It was a t-shirt company…

Krysten, with a big smile and little less of a NY accent: It’s okay. I just wanted to give the guy a hard time for selling the shirt the made for the crew. We only just got those.

Friend: It was a nice looking shirt…

Krysten: Yes, we love that shirt. That was why I was wondering who sold theirs.  I wanted to bust some chops (said with some NY hutzpah). Thanks for coming.

Then it was over. No fight. No tears. Krysten turned to the next fan and continued on. We left to drive back to Dallas.


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