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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald – Alamo Drafthouse 10/2017

While I don’t remember the ‘where I was when’ I first saw Kids in the Hall, I do remember laughing and enjoying it. I also remember watching it fairly regularly on HBO.  While not the most popular show on TV, it’s always a pleasant surprise when it gets referenced by friends that I think never heard of it.

When Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald were in Dallas (well, Richardson, Texas actually) for the Ernie Novak Awards, a few friends and I went to get their autographs.

We were able to catch them together as they strolled from a restaurant to the movie theater. It was short walk and they were talking among themselves and a few of their ‘people’. They stopped for us and chatted. They signed. A few bon mots were exchanged.  Then we left them to complete their journey to the theater.


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