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Monday, December 25, 2017

Ruth Connell Dallas Fan Days 2017

Heavy sigh. What is not to like about Ruth Connell? Red hair, Scottish Accent, big eyes (smack to the back of the head).  Okay, okay. I turn and see The Wife eyeing me warningly.

Let me begin again…Ruth is an actress in one of my favorite shows, Supernatural.

There are times where you just want the chemistry to work. I adore her on Supernatural. I was excited to see her coming to town. I wanted to ask if they did things to make her look taller next to the Winchester Boys. She is 5’ 2” they are both over 6 feet. I wanted to say she looks much younger in person. Do they try to make her look older on screen?

But I didn’t. She was friendly. She posed for photos with fans. I mentioned she was shorter than I expected. She told me she was: only 5 two, love.. Or something like that.

And then she signed and I was gone. It’s probably for the better. I would have only said something silly and embarrassed myself. But I am very happy I did get to see her.


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