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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Graham McTavish Dallas Fan Days 2017

Did you watch The Hobbit? Then you saw Graham McTavish. Are you watching Preacher? Then you recognize the photo I got signed.  If you are watching Outlander, then you might know him from there too.

I have watched all three. I like him most from Preacher. But I did have to mention Outlander to him. If you remember, The Wife got a poster signed at SDCC last summer. It was a nice coup. And I toyed with the idea of bringing the poster to have Graham add his signature. I only toyed with the idea.

I mentioned the poster to let him know we were fans of Outlander too. I could not let well enough alone. I told him we have really enjoyed the series, well except for one episode. I told him that was a tough one to watch. I let him know we fast forwarded through a lot of that episode. He knew what I referenced.  He shook his head and said it wasn’t tough, it was brutal. He mentioned he never watched that episode. He saw parts in the script and that was tough enough. He avoided that episode.  

It was an odd conversation to have at a fun festive event. I apologized for going ‘there’ but that episode made an impression. We chatted about Preacher a little more to clear our palettes.  With the lighter topic, we smiled and shook hands as I left.


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