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Friday, January 12, 2018

Carel Struycken Rockula 2017

You probably know him as Lurch from the two Addam’s Family movies. I know Carel Struyken as Mr Homn from the Star Trek relaunch.

While he was scheduled to appear all day, he didn’t show until 1 PM or so. Which was frustrating as it was the last autograph I needed.  And because the show was small, we were basically all standing around doing nothing for a couple of hours. We were ready to get back on the road and head home to Dallas.  If I was by myself, I would have done that. When you are with other people, you need to compromise.  I’m glad I did wait. I’m happy I added this signature.

Carel was nice.  Once he showed, he did have a line of 15 people that had been waiting. Most of them were hard core Trekkies.   They had specific items that needed to be signed. Those items were already adorned with multiple signatures.  They had specific locations for his autograph. This was slow. But he listened. He checked on where he was to sign. He even tested the pen he was given to ensure it didn’t blot of skip.  Classy.


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