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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shawnee Smith Rockula 2017

I had to look twice but I did not have Shawnee Smith in my collection. I know she has been to Texas before. I’m not sure what my excuse was.

She was at Rockula. Mostly because of her role in the Saw movies but it’s also a tie in to Dean Cameron with the movie Summer School.
She was nice. The crowd for her on Sunday was light. But then the convention was not crowded at all. The guests were in all one room (apparently the day before the guests were in 2 different hotels) that was a small meeting room that also had some vendors in it.
When I mentioned I enjoyed the movie Summer School, she made sure I was aware that Dean was present. That was nice.  As I waited for my friends to finish, I chatter with her husband. He was up and away from the table.  He mentioned the convention circuit was new to him and he was traveling to a few cities to see what it was like.

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