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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Deborah Foreman Rockula 2017

Deborah Foreman was a bundle of energy; in a good way. She stepped out from behind the table and chatted. She talked about going to Richardson High School and Valley Girl and standing up for herself. With one of my graphing buddies she talked about Val Kilmer and Real Genius.

She suggested the memorable quote on the photo.

She was outgoing she gave my friends and me a lot of love and attention. She tried to teach me to look through the camera and let my smile come out naturally.  I still look like someone is poking me with a stick in the ‘nethers’. But she really tried.  On day, when I’m fatter and bald (at least the grey won’t show), I’ll be doing a selfie with my walker and then - THEN – the smile will be natural. And we can look back to the day the Deborah gave me some tips for smiling.



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