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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dr Johnny Fever Wizard World Austin 2017

Yes, Wizard World had Howard Hesseman from WKRP in Cincinnati. I loved this show. I watched while I was in high school.   This show spawned another Ginger or Mary Ann debate:  Bailey or Jennifer.

When I found that Joe Flanigan had left his table I came over to Howard’s table. He was stepping away to also get lunch. It happens. But I didn’t need to buy an autograph ticket. As I was there, I looked over his selection of photos. It was nice but nothing jumped out to me.

Since I needed to wait, I checked out some of the other vendors to see if they had a photo that I liked. I did find one. I paid the outrageous amount.  While the public doesn’t think much about the price I have an idea what the vendor paid. I don’t mind paying for convenience, I hate paying that markup.  But the fault is my own. I could have searched for something and went to Costco and printed something for myself.

When Howard got back, I walked up and handed over my freshly bought photo.  He liked it. He asked where I found it. I mentioned a got it at a vendor at the show and point in a general direction.  He turned to his handler and said they should get some of these.  That made me feel good.

As he handed over the photo, I mentioned really enjoying Head of the Class.  He talked about the respect he had for teachers and what they need to do. It was good meeting him.

PS: I’m a Mary Ann and Bailey type of guy.

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