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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Loni Anderson Wizard World Austin 2017

And yes, Loni Anderson was next to Howard Hesseman at Wizard World. And yes, she still looked beautiful. She was wore tight blue jeans and knee high boots with a medium heel.  And no, I wasn’t stalking her; I saw her walk back to her table after her lunch break.

I could have chosen the swimsuit photo or other images that were move revealing. Since I always thought of Loni as a classy woman, I chose this one.  As I handed over this photo, she paused to tell me it was her favorite.  The photographer was ‘ blah blah’. She told me his name. He is very prestigious and famous. He did a lot of photographer for Playboy. But I have no clue who he is so I don’t remember his name. The point, she enjoyed that photo shoot. The photographer was great. She was proud how the photos turned out.
I told her I liked this image because she looked glamorous. I followed up that she still looks glamorous.  I also said, I always thought of Jennifer in WKRP as classy. She wasn’t the bimbo that you would expect. I thought that made the character much more interesting.
PS: And no, I didn’t tell her I was a Bailey guy.

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