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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Penn and Tell Majestic Theater 2001

I really though I lost this. Over the years, my focus for autographs has shifted. At first, I collected mostly books. Then I started collecting baseballs. Then I morphed into actors with a few books and balls in the mix. In 2001, I was not into celebs and I mostly did baseballs. So something like a signed ticket stub didn’t have a home in my collection. It ended up in a pile of ticket stubs and left for lost.

I finally got off my lazy butt and did some organizing. While I was cleaning up the mess of ticket stubs, badges, and matchbooks I’ve collected over the years, I found this little gem.  After several hour s of looking over what I had collected, my mess of memories became better organized and sorted. I chucked some stuff.  I shared some memories with The Wife.  Most importantly, I created more room for the next 30 years.

Back in 2001, I dragged The Wife to see Penn and Teller. I had recently seen them perform the Bullet Catch trick on a talk show and was amazed. I was excited there were coming to town and I bought tickets. The Wife was not so excited.  She was a good sport and let me drag her to downtown Dallas to see the team perform.

The show was very good. I was excited I had seen them in person. The Bullet Catch is just as impressive in person as on TV. Their show is series of tricks, anecdotes, and explanations.

After the show, I was surprised both Penn and Teller were in the front of the theater greeting fans and chatting.  I saw that they both had sharpies and signed anything. The only thing I had was my ticket stub. So the both signed; one on each side. That was the perfect bonus to a great show. and then sadly, the ticket stub was lost for over 15 years.

Years later, I got them to sign a book at SDCC. Where again, they greeted fans after the show and signed for people.


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