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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mark McLemore Ticketstock 2018

First, let me say, I did not get this autograph in person. I was not up to attending Ticketstock. One of my fellow hounds did me a favor and picked this up for me.  Thank you for the help. It is appreciated.

Second, Ticketstock is a unique event.  It’s hosted by a local sports radio station that has very loyal fans. Ticketstock is half fan appreciation and half sponsor appreciation. It has gown and ebbed over the years. It’s a good opportunity to see or meet the various hosts at the radio station and a possibly get a sports autograph or two.

For me, the only interested I had was Mark McLemore.  I wanted to go to Irving and hangout. When push came to shove I backed out.  My friend followed up with me and when I told him I wasn’t going to attend, he stepped up and waited in line.   


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