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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lyle Waggoner Chiller Theater April 2018

There was a reason Lyle Waggoner was the first autograph I got at Chiller Theater. I have very fond memories of him from The Carol Burnett Show.

His line was shorter than I expected.  He was in the hotel lobby along with a few other people.  He was on the corner and people could just walk up and talk at him. This happened just after we shook hands.  He introduced himself and I told him my name.   He was about to sign and someone just walked up and started talking. Lyle politely exchanged a few sentences and deftly disengaged from the guy. Then he turned back to me and apologized for the interruption. He used my name when he asked if I wanted the photo personalized.

I want to repeat that because I amazed. He remembered my name.  That is a talent I covet. I introduced myself. He was interrupted. He talked to the other guy. Then he turned back to me and remembered my name.

I can’t even remember my wife’s name. Why do you think I call her ‘The Wife’? Don’t worry, she is out of the room.

While silver haired, he is not addle-pated. He's a classy guy.


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