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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Celena Rae Star Game 10/2018

I’m not an America Idol fan. Never seen the show. Have no desire to start watching.

However, I do go to Dallas Stars games.  Celena Rae, who was on American Idol, is the MC for the Stars and sings the National Anthem before each game. Over the years, I have wanted to get her autograph. This time I finally succeeded.

I was going to the hockey game with some friends from work. I warned them I was going to be a nerd and try for an autograph. Of course they asked with player. I sheepishly told them I was going to try for Celena.  They laughed.

Before the end of the first period I navigated to the section where the Cheerleaders perform.  Then I just hung out. I was expecting Celena to visit that section to read some announcement. I was wrong.  At the end of the period, she was on the ice MC’ing the human bowling ball game.

As I processed my disappointment of missing my chance, I watched the human bowling game they did for the entertainment between periods.  Then I was distracted as the cheerleaders marched back to the section. I swear none of them were over 5 foot tall.  I hung out because I didn’t want to schlep back to me seat and show my coworkers that I failed.

Then I looked to the side and Celena Rae was walking past me.  I quickly said, ‘Excuse me, Miss Rae?’ She stopped, smiled, and said hello.  I asked if she had a second for an autograph.  Then even a bigger smile appeared.  She agreed and I pulled out my photo.  She looked at it and said she remembered that photo shoot.  I told her I was looking for something more recent and she said this was a good choice.

She signed and I thanked her. She walked off and I returned to my seat.  When my friends saw the photo and signature, I wasn’t such a nerd. I think they were impressed.


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