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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Spencer Wilding Order 66 Toy Store 10/2018

Order 66 Toy Store had moved since the last time I visited. It is now in Allen, TX.  It still has the same great Star Wars selection. It still has massive amounts of Star Wars items that you never knew existed.

Just before Halloween, they had Spencer Wilding stop in to sign items on his way to Rhode Island ComicCon.  Spencer played Darth Vader in Rogue One, a Star Wars Story.

As my friend and I walked up, Spencer chatter with the owner in the parking lot. They were getting a bit of fresh air and enjoying the nice evening.  He shook our hands with an iron grip. Not a crushing grip but there was no give or flex in it. He stood over me by a few inches. While intimidating as Vader, he was cordial and outgoing and chatty.

We moved inside and continue to chat as he signed. He used his own red paint pen that added a nice touch to the photo.


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