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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kevin Sorbo – sometimes they watch back

A couple of years ago at San Diego ComicCon, Kevin Sorbo was at the Lightspeed booth doing a signing.   The Lightspeed  and Holzheimer’s booths (they are usually next to each other) always have people signing. Usually the lines are short but there is a constant flow of people stepping up for an autograph.  Most people just stumble across the signings by accident. When I go to ComicCon, one of the first things I do is check out their booths for a schedule of guests.
I’m willing to admit I enjoyed Hercules a lot more than Xena. I know the fanboy base out there enjoyed Xena much more. Maybe because I’m older and married I wasn’t as wowed by her cleavage.  I enjoyed the idea that Hercules didn’t need to kill people every day to get his point across.
I also enjoyed Andromeda a lot. For many years my Saturday afternoons were highlighted by Kevin Sorbo.
When I saw him signing I had to stop to get a photo autographed. Only a few people were in front of me and the wait was short.
I stepped up and picked a photo and mentioned something about how much I enjoyed Hercules. He smiled and said thanks. He took a second to look at my badge to see where I was from. The badge listed Frisco, TX.  He paused and he said he knew Frisco.
Can I admit I didn’t believe him?  I figured he was confusing it with some other town.  When the wife and I moved to Frisco 20 years ago, it was a tiny town of 8K people. It’s now over 100K and has a minor league Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey teams and Dallas’s major league soccer team plays there too.
He saw the smile on my face and knew I didn’t believe him. He repeated that he really was there. He told me he spent a summer in Dallas filming a few movies and someone took him a Rascal Flatts concert in the ball park.  He said the name of the ball park was Dr Pepper or something.  I paused.  That is the name of the Frisco RoughRider’s stadium (minor league baseball). I know the Dr Pepper baseball park doesn’t do many concerts but the Pizza Hut Park for the soccer team does.
So I asked if he meant that.
Yes! He was so excited to prove to me that he really was there.  It’s funny but I felt important because he wanted me to know he been to my town.
I asked if he always looked at the badges. He mentioned he tries and for just that reason – so he could find some common ground and possible connect with people.
The connection is what makes collecting autographs fun for me.


  1. Indeed, he was here in the Dallas area filming Walking Tall III

  2. Nice that some famous folks do try to connect with their fans. I like your stories!