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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jane Lynch B&N 10/29/11

This is a Christmas Present for my sister. Since I know show doesn’t read my blog I have no fear in spoiling the surprise.
Most likely you know Jane Lynch from Glee and about a third of the crowd was Gleeks. You also may know her from the string of offbeat comedies she has done over the years on both TV and on the big screen.
She was in town to sign her book Happy Accidents.  Jane Lynch answered several questions from the crowd and shared an interesting tidbit from an upcoming Glee episode.  Nope, I won’t share, sorry.
She also spent some time explaining the concept of the book and how she never foresaw a career as a comedic actress.  Her career was a happy accident and one that she doesn’t regret.
Once she started signing, the line moved quickly even though she took time to greet with each person.   Since I had places to go and people to meet, this worked well for me. I got my books signed and headed out to my next event.


  1. OMG, now THAT is one book I would have asked you to get signed for me if I had known. Guess I should read your blog more often! ;-) I loved her in Best of Show.

  2. This is your sister. It's not that I never read your blog. I just don't read it often. Fortunately, for me, I didn't read it until Christmas. I think Jane Lynch is hyterical on Glee. I agree with GrumpyGranny about Best in Show. I also like her on the Barnes and Nobles commercials.