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Monday, January 7, 2013

Suze Orman Money 2020 Conference

Sometimes you get an autograph without even knowing or trying.
My wife was sent to the Money 2020 conference in Oct 2012. It was in Las Vegas.  One of the speakers was Suze Orman.  I teased my wife about having to track down an autograph for me. The wife loving smiled back to me and said ‘no’.  I really didn’t expect her to do that.  It’s not her thing and she was going to this conference for work and not for play; even if it was in Vegas.
So after 4 days of lectures and speeches and panels the wife came home.  She finally emptied her suitcase and looked into the swag bag she got.  At the time the bag was heavy and she dumped in the hotel room and never looked inside. The bag sat on our bed as we put things away.  I nodded toward the swag bag and asked her what she got.
 She looked inside.  Inside was a book. The book was Suze Orman’s The Money Class.  So I HAD it ask if it was signed. She said ‘no’ before she opened the book to look.  She only said ‘no’ because she didn’t chase down Suze to get it signed.
I know a thing or two about big conferences too.  I asked the wife to check the book to see if it was signed.  And to her surprise there was a signed book plate in the book.  This didn’t surprise me as the conference went to the expense of having the Suze speak and then giving everyone a copy of her book.  It’s not much more effort to get those books signed.
The wife without even knowing got me the one souvenir from Vegas I had asked for.


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