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Friday, May 30, 2014

Jeanette Goldstein and Mark Rolston #TFW 2014

In 1986, the summer that Aliens came out, I was working at a 7-11 in Tucson.  It was hot. I was bored. There was a movie theater a few blocks from the store I worked at. Now and then I would catch a movie before my shift started; partly to escape the boredom of a summer in Tucson and partially to escape the heat.

I saw Aliens several times that summer. While I’ll admit, at times the acting and directing is uneven, it is still one of my favorite movies. For me it was a rollercoaster ride and I’ll often quote or misquote a line or two from it even 28 years later.

I got in Jeanette Goldstein’s line first. She was holding court and talking to the people in line as she signed. Teasingly she mentioned was only good enough to be in Cameron’s (director) second movie of a franchise (meaning Aliens and T2), I tilted my head and asked about Titanic and did that mean she would be in the sequel.  She didn’t answer but smiled. I’m assuming because I knew she was in that.

Mark Rolston was more subdued. He was quieter. After he asked if I wanted it personalized, he asked if could add his character name to the signature.

I choose a photo from Shawshank Redemption only because his selection of Aliens photos were dark or had several people in them.  It’s a good photo and Shawshank is an awesome movie too.


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