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Monday, June 2, 2014

Earl Boen - #TFW 2014

As I walked back from Linnea Quigley’s table (no, I won’t share the photo), I saw that Earl Boen was chatting with his handler.  I was on my way to Julia Adams but when you get a chance to get an autograph without a line, you should go for it.

Earl noticed the Linnea photo and commented. He didn’t know who she was but enjoyed looking at the photo.   Then he noticed the photo I had of Julia Adams. He knew who she was.  He started talking about how classy she is. 

He talked about the old days of Hollywood.   Back then, when you signed up to a studio, they sent you to school. Some of it was interacting with people. Some of the classes was about riding a horse and shooting a gun (a lot of westerns were shot back then).  Then the studio knew what you could and couldn’t do and found parts for you.  It was a different time and a different Hollywood.

It was an interesting insight of Hollywood.


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