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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

John Kassir - #TFW 2014

I was excited to see this guest listed. I was also surprised how many other people were excited. I watched Tales from the Crypt on HBO. This was back in the day when original series on cable networks were rare. I enjoyed the format of the show and John Kassir’s Crypt Keeper was iconic.

The line was constant. Never exceptionally long but it was never empty either.  He chatted with everyone.  The family in front of me had a little one. She was not a happy camper and the convention was messing with her calm.  She only knew that he was the voice on her cartoons.  She was not into horror.

John had a stuff animal and let her hold it while they posed for a photo with him. 

As I walked up, I mentioned how much I enjoyed ‘Tales’ and he said it was very special for him. It was the first comics he read as a kid and was excited about the opportunity to do something from his childhood. 


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