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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scott Wilson #TFW 2014

Being a big Walking Dead fan, Scott Wilson was a big draw to Texas Frightmare Weekend for me.   When I finally got to the show I was told his line was long so I figured I’d walk around and reconnoiter the land.

After getting a few autographs, I worked my way back to Scott’s line and waited.  The line moved slowly. Partially because the line was wide and not single file, so more people were in line then it appeared and partially he was interacting with everyone. 

After an hour of playing Words with Friends, I was pretty close to the front. I got to see the photo selection and see what other people were having signed. From the photos, I learned two things; Scott Wilson was in Gypsy Moths.  A movie I remember seeing a few times as a kid on late late late night TV. And the young Scott Wilson looked like Al Lieter, the journeyman pitcher that is currently on the MLB network.

Just as I got to the front, a few VIPS were added to the line in front of me. Then Scott needed a bio break.  Hey, even actors need to pee now and then. When he came back he was apologetic, like he needs to apologize for being human?

I had my photo selected and handed it over.  The handler was clueless and didn’t take my money. I excused myself and paid; then I stepped back to Scott.  I asked if ever been to Texas before. He mentioned hitching across the state in the 60’s. The 60’s was a different time and hitching wasn’t a death wish. But across Texas is a slow and intimate way to see the state. You'll truly realize how big it is. I instantly had a few follow up questions I wanted to ask about that experience but resisted. I knew a lot of people were still waiting.


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