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Monday, March 30, 2015

Harold Perrineau

I was pretty nervous about Walker Stalker Con.  They had a huge line up and I truly wondered if my money or my time would run out before I got everyone I wanted. I arrived a little after 8AM. The doors were scheduled to open at 10:30 AM.

Oddly enough, the first priority I had was the cast members from Lost.  Most of them do not do conventions so my collection is fairly empty of that cast. When the doors opened I searched for the actors from lost.

When I found their tables, the only one present was Harold Perrineau. I got in line and after a short wait I was chatting with him. He seemed as pumped as me. We only chatted for a few moments. We talked Lost and conventions. He said he has been enjoying doing the shows and was thinking about doing more of them.

Then I mentioned Z Nation. There is no doubt it’s a cheesy show. Think Sharknado meets zombies. It would have NOT been on my radar except for Harold and Tom Everett Scott. Harold was killed in the first episode and Tom was killed 6 shows later.

With a wry grin he said he did it as a stunt; just something to do. He also admitted he got a lot more attention from that appearance than he expected.


Walker Stalker Con Dallas 3/14/15

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