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Monday, March 16, 2015

Josh Samman TicketStock 2015

While I was waiting at TicketStock, I passed by the table that Josh Samman was sitting and signing. I’m not much of a MMA fan. I understand the sport. It’s interesting.  It takes a lot of skill. It’s very technical. It’s extremely brutal.

I stopped at this table and he stood. We shook hands and we sized each other up as we looked each other in the eyes. We are the same height. I outweighed him. He’s younger, stronger, and better looking than me.  No contest.

I asked for an autograph and he picked up one of the promo photos.  As he signed, I said, “It might not look it but got my Yellow Belt in Krav.  I said I had trained for a few years.  I enjoyed it. I proved what I needed. I had no desire to do Orange”

As he handed the photo to me, he said, “Trained?  Not anymore?”  I have to admit that was a sharp question.  I smiled and explained, Krav was tough when you are 45 and out of shape. But in reality, he knew how tough it is.



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