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Friday, March 13, 2015

Michio Kaku UTA Maverick Speaker series 02/19/15

Michio Kaku is a rock star. He has long hair and a cool hip chasima. He speaks glowingly of the future and enchanted the audience while he spoke.

Well, maybe I misspoke when I said ‘rock star’.  He’s a nerd ‘rock star’. He is a physicist instead of a lyrist. He is a futurist instead of a musician. He’s on the Science Channel and the Discovery Channel instead of MTV or CMT. He has a PhD instead of a tattoo. But don’t let that fool you he is a rock star.

When I found out that he was going to be speaking at UT Arlington I was excited.  The tickets (free) sold out fast. I was lucky to get stand by.  When I arrived, I never seen the place so packed for a speaker.

When he spoke, we listened. He spoke about an exciting future where technology is a friend and not our enemy. He spoke of wonderful advances that were not that far off.  I was so glad I got the chance to listen to him.

After the lecture he signed. The line was long. After an hour, I handed over my book and a photo. He looked at it and smiled.  He signed and I excitedly left. I just made my rock star smile.  How cool is that?


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