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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Salem Cast SDCC 2015

I had gotten the Salem cast previously.  I try not revisit the same shows (it does happen though) as there are so many new shows to get. Sometimes, it just works that way.

I was early enough that I was actually at the Fox booth waiting for the signing to begin. We were there before the cast had shown.  It’s interesting to see actors arrive. At times they are recognized. At other times there aren’t.  Usually the security guards are a good clue. I got overly excited as I thought one person I the entourage was Lucy Lawless.  False alarm. No Lucy Lawless. What a coup that would have been.

The signing was smooth. I must admit I said all of the same things I said previously. It was interesting to see the same responses as last time. They were all friendly and energetic.  The show is a guilty pleasure for me.  I have enjoyed meeting the cast both times.

Who signed:


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