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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Women of Spartacus SDCC 2015

 Out on the Sails Pavilion, a table was set up for Ellen Hollman, Jenna Lind, and Viva Bianca. They were all in the TV show Spartacus at one time or another.

I found the show very good. Lots of gore.  Lots of violence. Lots of nudity (male and female). Lots of sex (male on female, female on female, and male on male). They even mixed in some historical information. Before you watch it, be prepared for the gore and violence.

When I walked up, only Ellen and Jenna were present. I could have waited until all three were there but you take what you can get and sometimes that’s the best decision.  You never know if something happened and Viva might not make it at all.

Both women were interactive and talkative. Ellen was very flirty which should make every ComicCon nerd very happy. Jenna was friendly but not so flirty. As I needed to be elsewhere (it’s SDCC, I always need to be elsewhere), I only exchanged a few words and left. Of course what we talked about the physically demands of the show.

About an hour later I was passing by and saw Viva. At that time, both Ellen and Jenna were absent. So I was able to swoop in and pick up the last signature.  Viva was friendly and just seemed very excited to be at SDCC.

I was glad to get three more signatures from this series.


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