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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dark Matter Redux SDCC 2016

The Dark Horse booth had a Dark Matter signing again in 2016.  I, and my SCC buddies, brought our mini posters from last year.  The 2015 poster showed 7 actors from the show but only 4 were present for the signing. One of the actors that was absent last year was going to be present at this signing.  It was a great way to add a missing signature.

This year, the cast present was:  Melanie Liburd, Melissa O’Neil, Alex Malleri Jr, Anthony Lemke, and Jodelle Ferland.

Everyone was very friendly and outgoing and interacted with the fans.  As I made my way to Alex, I pulled out last year’s posters.  He signed my old poster and the new poster for this year. Unfortunately, my silver sharpie was a dud so he signed with the bronze pen that they were using for the new poster.  I like the bronze much better.

The best conversation was with Melissa. She asked if I was going to attend the panel a little later that day. I paused. I looked her in the eye and said no.  I said that I needed to get back to bed for an hour of sleep before I got in line at 9PM and then try to sleep on the sidewalk.  She paused. She asked if I was kidding. I told her I wasn’t. She pointed to her face and asked if saw the surprise.  She said that was real and she wasn’t acting.  She then asked again if I was going to wait in line at 9PM for tomorrow.  Again I said yes.  She asked why. I smirked and said that SDCC is so big we need to get in line that early to try to get the autographs we want. She paused again. Again she pointed to her face.  She admitted she doesn’t know what the convention was like on the other side of the table for the fans.  She asked if we did a lot of planning. I said yes we do. I told her we spend a lot of time researching and planning as the schedule is released or the booths release more info.  We also have contingency plans. Most of us create spreadsheets and hustle all day long.  She then thanked me very much for making time to show up for their signing.  I don’t think she was acting then either.


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