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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sean Young Alamo City 2017

A buddy had already helped me get a Sean Young autograph. It’s from the movie Blade Runner. What more could I want? Nothing really.

When we went to Alamo City, one of my fellow hounds was getting several items signed by her. She was chatty and outgoing and very helpful.  She was willing to sign anything and add any inscriptions.  At this encounter I got to see 2 (count them 2) Harrison Ford signed Blade Runner posters; she added her signature to both posters.  What a nerd buzz.

As we got items signed for our friend, we sent a lot of time at her booth. She talked about her tour company in Austin. She talked about her kids (grown).  She talked about other actors. She talked about other movies.  It was a lot of fun.  He husband was there and while he was quiet he was part of the conversations. We got to know her and she got to know us.

After we left, we went on to get other signatures. But I needed to come back. There was one photo on her table that distracted me. The photo was from Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde. I do remember seeing that at the theater with The Wife.

When I came back and chose the photo she laughed. The hubby smiled politely. Yes, we were that casual with each other.  I admitted this was not an iconic role but I liked the photo.  I my defense, I told her I already had her autograph on a Blade Runner photo.

As she signed, she turned to her husband and said, here is something you don’t know.  He looked interested. She was pregnant in the photo with their child.  She said you can see the baby bump. I told them will ever see a baby bump in that photo. They both laughed.

I still don’t see it.


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