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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Warriors Alamo City 2017

It’s hard for me to be elegant when I talk about The Warriors.  I just Fan-Boy out too much.  The Warriors was a big reason I went to Alamo City ComicCon.  Yes, getting the Monster Squad mini poster signed by the monsters was a big reason too. But really, The Warriors or Monster Squad (I’m pantomiming a scale with my hands. One movie is in each hand.)?  It is no contest: The Warriors.

Alamo City had 7 cast members in attendance. (David Harris, Terry Michos, Doresy Wright, Deborah Van Valkenberg, Michael Beck, James Remar, and Thomas G Waites). Four of these actors I have seen before.  Here, in San Antonio, six of The Warriors themselves and Mercy are attending this convention. Of the missing Warriors, I might be able to see 2 more.  One has already passed away. This reunion is an exciting opportunity. 

I stressed before the show. I could not find something suitable for the cast to sign. There are lots of great photos and posters. Either the background is too dark which would lose the signatures or it is missing cast members. As the movie progresses, a few characters are lost and an additional character is added.  There isn’t a perfect picture with the 9 Warriors that include Mercy.  And if Mercy is in the image, a few of the Warriors are missing.

Oh, the dilemma Fan-Boys have!

When I got to the show, I scanned the actor’s tables to see if I could find anything suitable for the cast to sign. One of my fellow hounds walked with me. He was polite as I whined about my fruitless searches.  We both decided on a mini poster that Michael Beck had.  It was not perfect but is would work. I’m glad I went in that direction.

The mini poster was a black and while subway map of NYC. There was lots of room for people to sign and the autographs should not get lost in the image.

As I got the poster signed, I added some signed  8x10’s that I was missing from my collections. Some of the actors twisted my arm and MADE me get a selfie with them.  I must admit, I did like looking at them afterward.  Oh silly Fan-Boy!

Everyone was friendly. Yes, I say that all of the time. It’s still the truth. They seemed happy that people still remember and enjoy the movie.

Details are blurry on what I said to who. Thomas Waites said he thought he remembered me from Texas Frightmare.  I told Michael Beck I met him a couple of times in the past. I mentioned SDCC to Deborah and she said, God that was a long time ago.


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