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Monday, April 23, 2018

Veronica Roth B&N April 2018

I have gotten Veronica Roth before. While I usually don’t repeat celebs, I will get authors more than once. I first got Veronica’s autograph at SDCC many years ago, I also got her in Dallas for another book signing.

As always, she is friendly and charming and outgoing.

At this signing, she and her friend (an artist and I did not catch her name) sat in front of the crowd and chatted for an hour or so.  It was causal as they answered questions from the fans.

The signing went quicker than I expected. While a lot of their questions were answered in the discussion before the signing, the fans still got their facetime with Veronica.  When it was my turn, I name dropped SDCC.  Yeah, shame on me. She leaned back and said that was a whirlwind.  She hardly remembered any of it. I quickly looked disappointed and asked if she remembered me.  She quickly smiled back knowing I was joking.

I picked up my book and thanked her for coming to Texas.


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