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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

James Arnold Taylor Fan Expo Dallas 2016

I was actually on my way out of the convention center but was making one last swing through the autograph section when I saw James ArnoldTaylor. He was the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Was Clone Wars animated series.

Very friendly guy and he started to ask me question about who I was excited to see and whose autographs I had already picked up. I gave him a brief recap. Then I quickly changed the topic back to Clone Wars how I enjoyed the show. He knew what I was doing and told me not to worry about trying to placate him.  That was nice. I did reiterate I liked the series and the moral fiber in the characters.

Then he signed. As he added the character name, he spoke as Obi Wan and said ‘May the Force be with you - Always…’  And as the good lapse Catholic that I am, I automatically said, ‘And also with you’…

He smiled. Obviously he has met a lot of Catholics.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Michelle Gomez Fan Expo Dallas 2016

Yes, yet another Dr Who autograph.  Michelle Gomez who is the current incarnation of ‘The Master’ was signing at this Dallas show.

As I stepped up, I welcomed her to Dallas. She was about to say something and then paused. She said that was one of the nicest things she heard that day. Confused, I wanted to know more about that statement.  It seemed contrary to the good time she was having with her fans.

Was my comment a ‘bit Brit’ in nature?  Did no one welcome her to the Great State of Texas before me? Or was this her attempt to make me feel special?

Our exchange was so odd.  My manners barely won over my curiosity. I did not ask for more detail.
As she signed, she held up her paint pen, she said it was her favorite as it was Tardis Blue. I smiled.
I thanked her and left but still wondered about her comment.



Monday, June 27, 2016

Jenna Coleman – Fan Expo Dallas 2016

Another long line was Jenna Coleman’s. Like Peter Capaldi, after the Dr Who panel, they started processing people quicker.

After a few canceled shows, it was great to see her in person. She was friendly.  I remember she asked me something and while I started to answer, I was led away.  It happens. They were busy and trying to get everyone an autograph.  I won’t even say I was annoyed.  I get it.  However, I liked the look of frustration on her face.  I have no idea what we were saying; I just remember she was interested in the response.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Peter Capaldi – Fan Expo Dallas 2016

The first time I got I line for Peter Capaldi, he left for a photo op and then a panel. The next time I got in line, they quickened the pace. They had hundreds of fans they were trying to get through before the night was over.

I was happy the pace quickened. It meant a lot less time in line and on hard concrete and more time getting other autographs.

I was sad the pace quickened.  It meant I couldn’t say everything I wanted to say. I really enjoy this Doctor. I like his portrayal. I like how they made Clara more interesting this last season and I really like the story line with the Master.  I wanted to tell him all that. I wanted to tell and how I was a fan since 72. And…etc  etc etc.

He quickly shook my hand. He signed. I babbled about how I missed him twice in San Diego last year. He paused. He said thank you for trying again. He shook my hand again.

I left with a warm fuzzy.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Freema Agyeman – Fan Expo Dallas 2016

Freema Agyeman was actually the first person on my list for this convention. She was a Friday only guest.  Because of photo ops, she was leaving as I was getting in line. When she returned, she was taking time with everyone and really seemed to enjoy herself.  She even asked one fan to come back when the line was gone to continue to the conversation.

The guy in front of me had about 20 items to get signed. He was doing this for various people and he had a lot of different pens and instructions on where to sign on the different posters and prints. While it was a slightly frustrating to wait, Freema was inclusive. She chatted with him and me.
When he was done she said hello again. Somehow we talked about marriage. How long I was married. How I ended up in Dallas and whether or not a long distance romance would work. Then the guy sitting next to her perked up. Apparently that was the romantic interest and they have had lots of conversations about him in LA and her in the UK.
It was nice to see behind the curtain and a reminder we are all just people.