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Monday, May 22, 2017

Karen Allen Heavy Sigh USA Film Festival 2017

I rarely get multiple or duplicate autographs from a celebrity. I’ll do it for authors but that is different in my mind.

Karen Allen was also in town for the USA Film Festival and I just could not pass up the opportunity to get another autograph. I found a photo on line and printed it.  On Friday night, she was leaving the theater and we asked for an autograph. She stopped and genuinely asked: From me? I was able to get her to sign and then she gave me that heart melting smile I knew so well from Starman and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

On Saturday a fellow hound had a couple of photos he needed signed from Karen and asked if I could help. He gave me 2 photos to get signed.  I did not hesitate before saying yes.  I knew it would give me another opportunity to look her into the eyes and she received that incredible smile.  She was just walking by herself back to the theater when she stopped for us and signed.

After signing she just wandered in the theater.  She is very down to earth and friendly.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Mary Lynn Rajskub USA Film Festival 2017

Everyone tells me how nice Mary Lynn Rajskub is. They tell me how easy it is to get her autograph. It’s not so easy to pronounce her last name.

I missed Mary Lynn as she entered the theater. An hour later she was leaving to get something to eat. Not the best time to ask. I was the only one in my group that didn’t already have her. So I rushed over. She was ahead of me but I was NOT going to run up and tap her on the shoulder. So I’m trying remembering how to say ‘Rajskub’. I could not form the name in my mouth. I was damn sure not going to shout ‘Chloe!’

I stopped in my attempt and was slowly heading back to the group. Sheepishly, I was going to have to admit I failed because I could not pronounce her name. Then she stopped and turned back toward me. She was surprised to see a hound standing there looking lost.

I lifted my photo and asked if she had time to sign for me.  She smiled and said sure. She looked at the print and said something like: That photo.

I said: if you don’t want to sign this, I can track down something else. 

She smiled and said: No. The photo is 20 years old!

She signed and I thanked her.  I still think she looks like the image in the photo. And I never had to butcher her last name.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nancy Cartwright USA Film Festival 2017

Nancy Cartwright was in town to screen her movie, In Search of Fellini. 

I will say Nancy Cartwright made us earn this autograph. She previously turned us down 3 times. On the fourth request, she relented as one of the guys pleaded that he had to leave and could not stay until after the movie.  She signed for the 5 of us.

She asked my name. She personalized my photo and said – ugh, read hair.

After the screening of her movie and the Q&A, she signed for her audience. I’m sure that was the plan and fans of her would have bought a ticket and attended the signing. I would have done that too if I knew about that plan. I heard the movie was actually quite good and it starred Ksenia Solo who I adore.

I want to add more about the ‘earning’. No celeb is required to give an autograph or stop for a photo. Many people believe it is part of the job description. Many of my fellow hounds feel they are entitled to it. While I want the autograph to add to my collection and I’m disappointed when I fail, I don’t think I must be given a signature on demand. Part of the hunt is failure. Failures make the successes meaningful.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Charles Haid USA Film Festival 2017

I watched the first episode of Hill Street Blues and loved it. I could not believe they shot two of the ‘main’ characters at the end of the episode. It shocked me.  Then the show quickly devolved into a soap opera. I bailed. Charles Haid was one of those cops shot and I always remember that.

I got Charles’ autograph at the top of a long flight of stairs at the movie theater. He looked at the photo and laughed. He said it looks like he is still running up stairs 30 years later.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Austin Amelio Chiller Theater 2016

The last actor I got at Chiller Theater was Austin Amelio. He plays Dwight on Walking Dead. While there were still a few people and celebs in the room, there was a ‘last bus out of town’ vibe in the air.

He signed. No real meaningful exchange. We both knew it was closing time and we just wanted to finish and get out of there.

I was amazed how productive I was considering I got to Chiller very late. The wife was surprised how much money I spent in such a short time. Autographing at conventions is not a cheap sport.  I had a good time but it was time to drive home and get some rest before doing more chores for dad in the morning.