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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zachary Levi -Madison Austin, TX 7/12/14

I helped fund Nerd HQ at SDCC. Yeah, I’m a hero. So as a ‘prize’, I got a chance to get a photo signed from Zachary Levi - for free. I did have to drive to Austin for it.  I hate Austin traffic. It does make you wonder why I’d drive 3 hours for a free autograph. But we have talked about my addiction previously.

I got to the Madison (I think it’s a night club) about 1 ½ hour early and about 15 people we in front of me.  It was hot in Austin. The sun shone and it gave me a sunburn on my right side.  My fellow nerds wilted in the heat. Wilting nerds are not the prettiest sight to see.

Once the doors opened, it was very cool. The bar was open and ready for service.  As we entered, they checked our names off a list and told us our ‘line up’ numbers.  Yes, we had to RSVP to this event. My fellow nerds started to perk up from their wilted state with the A/C and drinks from the bar.

It wasn’t long before they called the first group.  They had them line up and they went upstairs where Zachary was waiting for them. Then before long they were marched downstairs again because some of them (me too) wanted to purchase a second autograph or photo ops (the money went to Operation Smile).  Once they figured out their system it was smooth sailings.

Zachary greeted everyone. He repeated your name back and he even tended to remember it when he started to sign your item.  He constantly thanked everyone for showing up and helping with his charity and Nerd HQ. He was our entertainment as we waited.

When I got to him, we shook hands. I mentioned my wife went to a few panels at Nerd HQ last year. He asked which ones.  I told him who but I mangled both people’s names horribly. He smiled and repeated the names correctly for me.   I told we were looking forward to seeing who he was having this year.

Being the nerd that he is, he knew that meant I got SDCC tickets.  He congratulated me on scoring those hard to get tickets.  He told me to the Nerd HQ schedule would be up ‘soon’. No spoilers were given at that time.

I thanked him and collected my 2 photos and left.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eddie Izzard Majestic Theater 6/24/14

Eddie Izzard was scheduled for 3 days in Dallas at the Majestic Theater.  Two of those days I worked late and it was rainy. The last day was clear-ish and I got out of work as early as I could.  I was thinking I might have been too late.

When I got to the theater, I didn’t see any of my fellow hounds. That’s usually a good sign that I’m too late.  As I waited, I texted a friend that was coming out and asked if he had any luck.  He texted back that they were still waiting.  Looking around, I saw him down the street with another friend waiting at a different location. So we hung out together.

Once we saw Eddie get out of the car, we walked over to hm.  I noticed he had his makeup on already. As we got closer I noticed the false eyelashes and mascara. I wondered if he was in makeup for the show or that he just felt more comfortable like hat.

 He pleasantly stopped and signed a nice signature for each of use.  When asked for photo, he said only with a phone and he did the selfie himself.  He was nice about it. He really had more practice and wanted to ensure the shot was good.

Then he was off and into the theater.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Bitsie Tulloch Texas ComicCon #Grimm

After I got my autograph from David Giuntoli, I slid on over the other table to meet Bitsie Tulloch.  She looked as lovely as you’d expect.  He heard e mentioned ComicCon and said that this year they were going to be in the BIG room.   I asked if that was Ballroom 20 and David piped in that it was a secret. Bitsie smiled and said she thought so.

This is where you realize SDCC is experienced much different for the fan than the celeb.  We know each room, the capacity, the quickest way to get from A to Z.  They know the stage and the darken halls.

In fact, I mentioned that. I added it must seem very quiet and calm in the back corridors and then a door opens to chaos.  They both nodded in agreement.  Bitsie mentioned it is a short experience for them too.  They are I and then out.  She would like to explore and she the floor.

Just then, a pair of ladies walked in wearing matching Grimm sweaters and Bitsie paused to comment on them. I know that was a cue to leave.

Ten minutes later, I was back in my car and heading back to Dallas.


Friday, July 18, 2014

David Giuntoli Texas ComicCon 2014 #Grimm

After finding the check in and getting my badge, I wondered around to find the signing area.  I’ll admit to be slightly lost but as I was turning a corner I saw a door open and a police offer walk out. Behind the police officer was David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch.  I figured I was ‘safe’ in following them to the sign in area.

The wait in line was short an di the way the show had the signing arranged, you were more or less one on one.  So I picked a photo and got my autograph.  David was out going and we started a conversion.

I asked if he’s been to San Antonio before and he said ‘no’.  He asked if I was San Antonio and I said ‘no’.  I told him I drove from Dallas. He asked how long that took.  I smile and said, it should be 5 ½ hours.  He smiled back; I could tell he wanted to say something.  I told him it was a little over 4 hours that morning.    He told me about a high school teacher he had in St Louis.  The teacher said it was a 6 hour drive to Chicago. Then the teacher said if you drove a little of over the limit it was 5 hours. The teacher made the drive in 4 hours. 

I asked if he had to learn German for the show. He shook his head and admitted it might be useful. he only how to  learn script German and that was forgotten all too quickly.

We chatted about San Diego ComicCon and then Bitsie looked up.  It seemed a good time stop monopolizing his time and move over to her.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Texas ComicCon San Antonio 6/21/14

I’ve never been to Texas ComicCon before. I’m not sure if it’s new or been there for years.

However I did make the drive from Dallas to San Antonio to check it out.

The drive was ‘easy’ as I bypassed Austin and used the toll way.  I hate Austin traffic. As an added bonus, I got to drive 85 miles per hour: legally.  For me that is a BIG plus. No you don’t get to asked how much over the limit I drove.

While I have family and trends in San Antonio, it was a stealth mission. I didn’t inform anyone I was going. This was only because of a lack of planning on my part. NOT because I didn’t want to see people.

As you’ve read before, I’m working a lot of hours and when I come home, it’s too late to call people or I’m just brain dead.  Before I knew it, I was driving to San Antonio unannounced.

Texas ComicCon was in a mall; nothing against that.  Officially, it was in the Norris Convention Center but that is really a series of meeting rooms in the mall.  Whether by design or mistake, the convention spilled into the mall anyway. It’s not an upscale mall but it seemed safe and there were a lot of people.

As with other conventions, you could have ghosted in and done whatever you wanted without a badge.  Since I already paid, I searched for the line to get my wristband or badge.  While they had some confusing and congestion at the admissions tables, they did bring extra bodies in and sorted it out.

They had a large assortment of venders.  A lot were the type of private collections but the merchandise had a lot of variety.  The vendors room was crowd and very very dark.

 The signing room was handled slightly differently. They had people queue in the hall and then slowly let people in. 

As with a lot of smaller shows, it depends on who they bring in next time, to see if I return.

It was worth the cost of admission.   The drive is a big factor though.