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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Katelyn Nacon

After Jeff Kober, I noticed no one in line for Katelyn Nacon. While I don’t often get kids to sign, I just have a feeling she will be on Walking Dead for a while. So I walked on up.

She was sweet and all smiles. She signed. She started to write my name and then saw my reaction about having it.  She stopped. She drew the heart to cover my name. It was cleaver.

 Of course I asked, even knowing she couldn’t say anything: was she going to be Carl's girlfriend? She smiled and said the obligatory: We’ll see!


Walker Stalker Con Dallas 3/14/15

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jeff Kober

While I was waiting for more actors to get to their tables, I did get another actor that was very high on my list, Jeff Kober.

He had a short stint on Walking Dead but he’s most memorable to me as Dodger from China Beach.  My wife and I watched that for years. I felt for Jeff’s character.

After he signed, I turned and noticed no one behind me.  I told him about being a fan of the China Beach. He was slow to respond. He didn’t seem willing to talk.  I said emotionally, it was a tough show to watch.  It seemed it was needed at that time.  He mentioned there was a great cast and mentioned a few names. I repeated that I liked Dodger. He was suffering but couldn’t be helped.  Then Jeff warmed up and talked a little more about the show and how it came at a time where people were willing to talk about Vietnam.

As a couple of Walking Dead fans walked up, we shook and I left.


Walker Stalker Con Dallas 3/14/15

Monday, March 30, 2015

Harold Perrineau

I was pretty nervous about Walker Stalker Con.  They had a huge line up and I truly wondered if my money or my time would run out before I got everyone I wanted. I arrived a little after 8AM. The doors were scheduled to open at 10:30 AM.

Oddly enough, the first priority I had was the cast members from Lost.  Most of them do not do conventions so my collection is fairly empty of that cast. When the doors opened I searched for the actors from lost.

When I found their tables, the only one present was Harold Perrineau. I got in line and after a short wait I was chatting with him. He seemed as pumped as me. We only chatted for a few moments. We talked Lost and conventions. He said he has been enjoying doing the shows and was thinking about doing more of them.

Then I mentioned Z Nation. There is no doubt it’s a cheesy show. Think Sharknado meets zombies. It would have NOT been on my radar except for Harold and Tom Everett Scott. Harold was killed in the first episode and Tom was killed 6 shows later.

With a wry grin he said he did it as a stunt; just something to do. He also admitted he got a lot more attention from that appearance than he expected.


Walker Stalker Con Dallas 3/14/15

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mandy Patinkin Eisemann Center 2/21/15

Everyone loves the movie Princess Bride. My wife dragged me to the movie decades ago. I was kicking and screaming the whole way. I did not want to see a chick flick. After twisting my ear in that oh so special way, I quieted down and politely bought her some popcorn and soda.

We watched the movie. I laughed. I cried (well, just a little) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a movie that will cause both of us to stop down and watch it if we run across it. Yes, I am thankful, the love of my live and mother of my cats dragged me to that movie.

Needless to say, Mandy Patinkin was on my autograph radar.  When I saw he was coming to town for a play, I was excited.

Because of work and the weather, I had not gotten a chance to try for him. While at TicketStock, a fellow hound said he was going to try later that night. We agreed to meet as 2 sets of eyes are better than one.  And I dutiful invited a third hound. Three sets of eyes are better than two.

The temperature was falling fast. As the norm, I did not bring a jacket. I was freezing. Yes, if mom was here, she would be scolding me now and I would feel her whack me on the back of my head.  The play ended and we started scanning the crowd. No luck. We waited and still no Mandy.  We froze and waited some more.  The crowd was dispersed. No one was around.  We still waited and froze.

Finally, I saw a man enter the lobby with a ski cap and hunched over. I knew that was him.

I let my friends know that I thought I saw him.  They moved faster than me and met him at the door as he exited. He signed for all three of us.  It was cold and all of us wanted out of it.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Randy Johnson TicketStock 2015

The only reason I went to TicketStock was Randy Johnson.

What? You don’t know what TicketStock is?

Well, it’s a chance for the local sports radio station (1310 AM) to throw a party and show off some of its sponsors. They also bring in some sports players and fans can get some autographs for free. This year, they brought in Randy Johnson. I got in line about 11AM to see if I was one of the lucky ones.

Since there are more people in line than autographs to be given, they do a random drawing. It’s not just the first ‘x’ amount of people in line. While the process may be confusing, after an hours or so, I was given my lottery ticket (wrist band with a number on it). Then I waited about an hour or so found out I was one of the lucky ones. Then I waited another hour or so and the signing to begin.

Once the sign began, it went fairly fast. No personalization and no inscriptions. But it was free. I think Randy charges $200 for his autograph. I’m very happy with what I got.

He signed. I chatted with some fellow hounds and left. It was a long day on concrete.