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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Nerdist himself – Chris Hardwick – Majestic 9/1/15

From my many adventures at SDCC, I have seen Chris Hardwick a few times; either walking around or at a booth.  He even stopped and posed for a ‘drive by’ photo for me. I have just never gotten his autograph.

This time he was on my turf.  Well, not really my turf. I don’t have any turf. I’m a nerd. Nerd’s don’t have turf. Nerds have collectible action figures.  Let me rephrase: This time Chris Hardwick was in Dallas.  Where the nerd concentration was notably lower than SDCC and that would increase the probability of getting his autograph.

Four of waited before the show, hoping to make it a quick night. However, the roadie for the show asked us to come back after the show. We’re nerds. We left and ate. Then we returned a while later.  They even put up barricades to keep us from rushing Chris.

As he show ended, some of the crowd attending made their way back to the stage door.  We were joined by 30 other fans. The barricades actually made sense.
When Chris Hardwick exited the building, he surveyed the crowd. He mentioned he’d greet and talk to everyone. He assured us there was no reason to worry.  Very nice to hear that. He had it under control.
Then he walked past the barricades and entered the crowd. He posed and chatted. He signed and laughed.
Since he tweeted about Buc-ees earlier in the day, I asked how he enjoyed the pit stop icon between Dallas and Houston.  He said he had to stop there to show it off to his friends as they drove up. He’d been there before and was impressed. He also had to expose the others to Buc-ee Nuggets which he had a hard time explaining.
He signed my photo and then moved on to others. He circulated through the crowd without a hurrying.  Very refreshing to see.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Keith Coogan Alamo Draft House 9/8/15

My fellow hound, Gambit clued me into this. We went together and visited the table that Keith Coogan and his wife had set up in the lobby of the theater.  Both were very friendly and very about the experience. They were a lot of fun to meet.

First, they had lots of neat stuff you could get signed: Shirts, DVDs, photos, plates, and art.

Next they gave everyone a little ‘toy’. I got a bright green flick bug.  A bit of thumb nail sized plastic that you pressed down to make jump. Perfect for cats to chew, eat, and then regurgitate.

Lastly, after getting our autographs, Keith dragged you over to the wall where he has a huge ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ banner hung up sideways.  He picks up the rope and then instructs you to get right behind him and then hunch over.  You pose that way as the wife takes a photo. Viola! You have recreated the iconic scene from the movie.

It was much more than getting an autograph. It was meeting cool people, revisiting a fun movie, and recreating memories.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Orli Shoshan and Nalini Krishan Order 66 Toy Store 9/6/15

That’s no Toy Store… It’s a Star Wars Toy Store!

It’s too big to be a for a Star Ways Toy store…I think you’re right…

To be truthful, I didn’t think a Star Wars Toy Store could exist or sustain itself for long; especially, in the backwaters of McKinney Texas.  However, Order 66 seems to be viable and growing. I’m sure the internet is vital in connecting niche fans to this niche store. Regardless, it’s a fascinating place to enter.

It is all Star Wars all the time.  While it’s a hole in the wall shop, it’s floor to ceiling, front to back packed with action figures and collectibles from the 6 movies, several cartoon series, and countless books. It has old and new; mass market and limited editions, and then some.

As I walked through the aisles I was amazed at the lack of duplication of product. It was not rows upon rows of same item. It was different figures on each shelf, on each row, and in the column. I had not realized how much Star War stuff was out there. It’s actually kind of scary.

So why did I, a lifetime Trekker, visit this wretched hive of scum and villainy? Have I crossed the neutral zone and joined the dark side?

In a word: No.

In another word: Autographs

In celebration of Force Friday (yeah, it’s a made up holiday. So is Valentine’s day, and Mom’s Day’s – what’s your point?) Order 66 Toys brought in Orli Shoshan and Nalini Krishan. They both appeared in a Star Wars movie.  Don’t ask me which one. It has been long established I have an addiction. We’re talking autographs, shesh.

The 2 of them were in the back of the store hanging out. When the wookies visited the store (yeah, that was plural) they came out to get their photos taken.  Who can resist walking carpets? They laid across the wookies arms about 5 feet in the air. It was cute.

Afterward, I picked the photos for them to sign and they signed.  They offered to pose with him for a selfie. It’s always nice when it’s offered.  I’m shy and really, who wants to see a photo of me?

As I left, I could hear Han say: It’s all clear kid, now let’s blow this joint and go home.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ernest Cline Alamo Draft House 7/2015

Again my fellow Hound Gambit helped me get an author I probably would have missed. This time it was at the Alamo Draft House.  The author is Ernest Cline. Ernest is a geek. He’s one of ‘us’. He drives an old DeLorean because of Back to the Future. He’s also the man behind the movie Fanboys.  Fanboys is a movie I reference often.

Ernest had a PowerPoint presentation. How geeky is that? He was humorous and excited to be talking to his fellow nerds.  As he spoke, I wasn’t following all of the pop culture geek references. He had me wondering if my geek street cred was valid anymore. Maybe my geek-fu wasn’t very strong. He also spoke about visiting Skywalker ranch and loading his pockets with anything that could fit, so he could have souvenirs to prove he was there.

After the dinner and the talk, we stood in line to get our books signed. Even though he had a flight he needed to catch, he was chatting away with everyone.  Yes, I did beat him down with SDCC and Fanboy talk but only for a moment as I didn’t want my fellow nerds missing out on a signature.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Joe Lansdale Wild Detectives Book Store 7/2015

I have 2 friends that highly praise of Joe Lansdale. For years I have heard how I need to read him. Sadly I never have.   I have missed him (my fault) at various literary cons because I have procrastinated too long.

This time, my fellow Hound, Gambit, dragged me by the collar to Wild Detectives  Book Store.  The books store is in an old part of town that is slowly becoming cool and hip again. The store itself is a house that has been repurposed into a coffee house/book store/microbrewery beer stop. The house is one story.  It MAY be 500 square feet.  It does not sell mainstream nor best seller books. It’s artsy/farsty and pretentious. That’s intended purpose so it works.

Joe spoke. He read from the book. He answered questions. He signed.  An easy going man with an impressive resume of books. He was humorous and entertaining. As he answered questions, you could tell his fans were hard core and wanted to know the minutiae of his stories and characters.

As he spoke, he mentioned something about movie rights and how to treat them. Basically, take the check and cash it but don’t bank on a movie being made. It reminded me of what John Steakly had said on the same topic.  When I handed my books over, I mentioned that to Joe. He said he only met John a few times. Then I had to add, I wasn’t trying to disrespect him by talking about another author at his signing. I just was sharing a common thought.  Joe didn’t take it in a negative way. He added a few more kind works about Steakly and I left.