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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

American Horror Story or my Horror Story #SDCC

As I mentioned, Saturday did not go quite as planned.  The wife got up early and tried to help me get some winning raffle tickets.   After my fellow hounds and I struck out at the WB tickets, we got in line with the wife for the Fox signings. I was very excited to pull a winning ticket for American Horror Story. To make things better, the wife got a winning ticket for Salem. I was kinda jazzed after striking out at WB.

American Horror Story seems so unique and new to me.  After 3 ½ season, I’m still excited to watch it each week. I’m not the only one either. As we lined up for the signing, dozens of people were lining up for the ‘standby’ line.  The booth workers were spending a lot of energy shooing them away but like flies they just came back.

The reason the booth workers needed to shoo them away was the signing was late.  A lot of people were gravitating to the signing line. You start to worry that someone might cut in.  You worry the line might get broken up and you are left with empty hands. Naturally all of us were getting grouchy after a long day. 

As we waited, people offered to buy or sell their raffle tickets. It happens. One young man was very willing to sell but had no takers.  I mentioned if he dropped his price and he might make some money. He forcefully told me I didn’t have a clue about scalping and he did this for a living.

I could see that he did make a living the way he did it. Barely. I could also see him making more money long term by lowering his price. At the end of it all, he sold one ticket for a smaller amount than he wanted but if he sold at the price I suggested, he could have sold both tickets and made more money.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Salem #SDCC 2014

Saturday morning the wife actually got up before the crack of dawn. She joined my fellow collectors in line by 5AM. So far, this convention has been a very relaxing affair for her; in bed by 11 PM and up and about by 9AM.  She probably thought she was on vacation instead of attending SDCC. What an amateur.  

This morning we had other plans for her. Of course none of those plans worked but she was a trooper and tried to help us.  Even with the issues we faced, she was able to snag a winning raffle ticket for Salem.

Salem is a guilty pleasure for me. It’s more about the pretty faces and the innuendo than content. This signing had the pretty faces and I’ll admit I flirted a little.

When I finally got in front of the talent, I told Ashely Madewe she needed more air time.  She laughed and turned to Brannon Braga (writer) and asked if heard that. She made me repeat myself for him.

A little further down the line I mentioned to Janet Montgomery I could look into her eyes forever.

When I stood in front of Iddo Goldberg I got to tell him how much I enjoyed Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  He acted surprised anyone remembered that show.

Also at the signing event were Shane West, Seth Gabel, and Elise Eberle.

Once I was done with the line, I finally opened the empty poster tube I had been caring for 3 ½ days and slip my mini poster into it.   This was the first time I had anything to put inside it.  As I mentioned, this convention had been slim pickings.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic #SDCC 2014

I first heard a song by Weird Al Yankovic when I was kid listening to Dr Demento. We all know his parody songs and they seem to stick in your head for a long time. MTV helped elevate his stardom as his videos were are amusing as his lyrics.

When it was announced he was going to be at SDCC, I kind of geeked out. Since Saturday was a disappointing day (more on that in a future post) I didn’t know if I could get a raffle ticket.  I knew logistically, I could not get in his raffle line and still do WB and Fox.  So he was not on my radar. 

After the WB and Fox lines were done, I headed downstairs to get in James Dashner’s line. Since that signing went quick, I decided to be greedy and see what was left in the raffle area.  Surprisingly, Weird Al still had tickets available. I even pulled a winning raffle ticket. So I figured they gave out a lot of tickets.

When it was time to line up, I didn’t even bother. I went and did some other stuff and came back 30 minutes later.  The line had moved but still a lot of people were still waiting. I sat and ate and then joined the line. Yes, I was at the end but I was pretty confident he would not leave early or before everyone was done.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tanya Tate #SDCC 2014

I know you won’t believe this. I’m already cringing from the expectant whack to the back of my head when the wife reads this. But really, I know Tanya Tate as a Cosplayer. As I plan for SDCC every year you see photos and Tweets from people as you follow hashtags.  Tanya Tate does a lot of cosplaying. She popped up often as I was researching events and signings and appearances.

Somewhere along the line, I discovered she did Adults films.  And no, I won’t answer how long that took.  That is not why she goes to SDCC. Like me and a bazillion other people, she goes for the ‘event’ that is ComicCon.

When I found out she was going to sign at a booth, I’ll admit I was excited. As you have read, I have been getting various cosplayers to sign. Tanya in my mind is a celebrity cosplayer. I wanted to add her to my collection.

She is friendly. She is beautiful. Even after being in costume all day, she seemed ready to meet people. And yes, the people that were in line knew her more for Adult films than her cosplay.  I was the anomaly.

Since I wasn’t the first in line, I got to see several people leer and drool on her. It’s never a pretty sight to see in the first place and worse when it’s ComicCon geeks doing the leering and drooling.

I was only going to get one photo but she was inexpensive and had a 3 photo package that I couldn’t turn down.  The photos I got signed are modest. She had a nice collection to choose from. Most of her photos were NOT modest.  I bring this up because of how she worked.

She was mindful that SDCC is considered a child friendly environment. SDCC claims to be child friendly but as you walk the expo floor you see art work that stretches most people’s concept of child friendly. And Cosplayers have their own war on modesty each convention.

Tanya kept all of her photos in a closed folder and away from young one’s eyes. When some photos were picked, she put them out of view of the public.  As she posed for photos, nothing was lewd. She was not there ot have a war with anyone’s sense of decency. She was there to enjoy San Diego, ComicCon, and sign some autographs.

While I really don’t know what she does in her movies, Tanya Tate as a SDCC fan and cosplayer was extremely nice and classy.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Chris Warner #SDCC 2014

The movie Idiocracy fascinates me.  Actually, it scares me. While I cognitively know eugenics (or in this case mal-genics) doesn’t work this way, I see things every day that make me doubt that conviction. Even though Chris Warner had a small role in the movie he made my SDCC radar.

He’s friendly and open. He’s willing to talk to you all day long. He’s asking questions of the people in line. He was not one those actors at SDCC trying to pay the rent. In fact, the cost of his autograph was very inexpensive and he was giving 2 photos for the money. He said that he valued my money and if I was willing to get his autograph he wanted it to be worthwhile.

We talked about the movie, Idiocracy and how he enjoyed the movie and the director. He also agreed, at times, the movie seemed to be coming true.  He talked about Texas.  He talked about his plans and his future. As we talked, he came off as intelligent person with goals more than a mansion and money to burn.

A neat guy and I hope you get a chance to meet him.