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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Monster Squad – a Tale of Two Cities

While I enjoyed the movie Monster Squad, it is not near and dear to my heart like it is for my fellow collectors.  I attribute that to the discrepancy in our ages.  They were young ones, barely in their teens. The movie was geared for them. I was in my twenties. I first saw the movie as a date movie with by wife. I have not seen it since. Once was enough.

The Alamo Movie Drafthouse in Richardson was doing a showing of Monster Squad AND they were having 3 of the actors to do a Q&A and a signing. We all know I have something of a control ‘problem’ regarding autographs.  With very little encouragement from my fellow hounds, I attended the screening. After the screening, we received a special mini poster signed by Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, and Ashley Bank.

That is considered a nice pick up and I was happy with that.

To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the movie, Alamo City ComicCon (not to be confused with Alamo Movie Drafthouse) in San Antonio was having the actors that played the four monsters and the dad in attendance.  This made for a wonderful and serendipitous addition to the poster picked already signed in Richardson.

After a 5 hour drive South, 3 other hounds and myself entered the convention and met Tom Noonan, Carl Thibault, Duncan Regehr, Michael Reid MacKay, and Stephen Macht. They were all very friendly and signed our posters.

This is considered a VERY nice pick up and I am VERY happy my fellow hounds twisted my arm to do this.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Kate Hudson Pretty Fun B&N Nov 2017

Kate Hudson was at B&N for her book, Pretty Fun. She signed the books before the event started. When the event started, they passed out signed books. A fellow collector and I quickly checked that the signatures were different. We would have been bummed if they were auto-penned or stamped.
Kate looked very pretty in her long dress or robe thingy. She posed for photos with everyone.  I look as goofy as ever. The line moved very quickly and then we were done.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Bush Sisters meet A Christmas Story Nov 2017

One of the Dallas B&N’s had the First Daughters in for a book signing.  Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush wrote the book, Sisters First.  I got a copy signed.

They of course were friendly and all smiles.  It was more interesting to watch the crowd. The crowd was 99% women and 1% men. The males in the crowd were fellow autograph collectors. Yes, we did look out of place. The males wore sneakers with shorts or jeans and a sport jersey or concert t-shirt. The women were dressy casual. A dressy casual that looked relaxed but clearly showed the dollars spent.

As the news spread that yes, the Sisters would be posing for photos, a lot of phones were turned to selfie mode as makeup was touched up and recalcitrant hairs were put back in place.

The line moved fast and before I knew it was I front of the sisters. Since I didn’t bring any lip gloss to apply to my makeup, I choose not to take a photo with them. However, I did mention I saw Jenna many years ago at another book signing. That book was Ana’s Story. It was held at a Frisco School auditorium. It was just after she got engaged and she had her new ring.  As she signed Ana’s Story, the ring caught the light. I made some offhand comment about the ring. Jenna was sweet and held her hand up so I could get a closer look. Yes, The Wife, who attended this signing in Frisco and didn’t want to wait with me in line, was extremely jealous. And I’m also sure Secret Service took a few steps closer as I leaned toward the ring.

Well, this is what I wanted to say to Jenna. In reality, I mentioned Ana’s Story and I quickly mentioned the ring glittering in the light. And I added The Wife was jealous.  It might have been 1 sentence and about 10 words. I then looked at them expectantly. Jenna and Barbara’s smiles never faltered.  They thanked me for coming. They nodded and I left.

Afterward, feeling chagrined and reviewing the exchange in my head, I realized I was Ralphie from A Christmas Story. I had just asked Santa for a Red Ryder BB gun with a Compass in the stock. I was rushed. I was blathering. All that was needed to finish the scene was Jenna telling me: You’ll shoot your eye out Kid.

Maybe I should have used some lip gloss.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Jerome Blake Madness Comics

The last guest at Madness Comics was a pleasant surprise.  I knew Jerome Blake played several characters in a Star Wars movie. What I didn’t know was he also had a role in The 5th Element.

That is a movie I really like. As I handed over a 5th Element photo for him to sign, I mentioned I actually saw the movie in the theater when it came out. The theater was nearly empty and I sat in the dark absorbing the movie. At the start of the movie, I was expecting something serious and noir.

As I sat there munching on popcorn and looking around very nonplussed, it took 30 minutes or more for it to dawn on me I was watching a comedy.  Jerome was nice enough to say he experienced the same thing at the cast and crew screening. Since he had a small part, He didn’t know what was filmed.  He sat in wonder until he started to hear others laugh and then it clicked for him too.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Cliff Alliston Madness Comics

So the next guest at Madness Comics was Cliff Allison. Yes, he had a bit role in Return of the Jedi and yep, you can’t find him in IMDB. Maybe he doesn’t exist.

Nice guy. Told me he drives trucks and actually delivers to the Home Depot down the road.