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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Milo Ventimiglia Dallas Fan Expo 2017

Slowly, I’m making some progress on the cast of Heroes. I really enjoyed the show. The show was hard to watch at times but it was entertaining. Fan Expo brought in Milo Ventimiglia, who played Peter.  

This was another slow line as Milo spent time with each fan. He was very big on taking selfies with his fans. He would do one ‘nice’ one and then a silly photo with each person. I watched as a boyfriend tried to be respectful and stay out of the shot as the girl was crushing on Milo.  Milo took the photo and then swung her around so the next photo included the boyfriend. I was impressed Milo was aware of the situation and took the time to be inclusive. Classy.

Milo was in a time crunch as he had a hard break for signing. He had to catch his plane. He started to speed the process but he was still making eye contact and smiling and chatting. The line just was moving faster.

I told how much I enjoyed Heroes. Then I mentioned I saw him a movie that I couldn’t recall the name. I only said it was post nuclear and he was underground and he instantly told me the name, The Divide. He had a big smile as he asked if I liked it. I said it was odd and interesting and it definitely left an impression.

Then I hurried off so he could chat with another.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Catherine Tate Dallas Fan Expo 2017

Donna Noble, Catherine Tate made it Stateside and appeared at Fan Expo Dallas.  Being a Dr Who fan I had to add her to my collection.

She was nice and friendly. She signed my photo. I also I brought for a friend. His photo was of her and David Tennent. My friend had a post it note on the photo explaining where to add the signature and the color pen.  I told him this one was a friend. She told me I was a good friend.  I smiled. I added I had also got him David Tennent’s auto when he was in San Antonio. She paused and said I was a very good friend.  Now I laughed.

Then she signed and I was on my way.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Khary Payton Dallas Fan Expo 2017

After waiting in a very long and slow moving line, sometime after 9:30 PM (the show closed at 9 PM) I was standing in front of KharyPayton, King Ezekiel from The Walking Dead. Khary was taking several minutes with every person.

He was still energetic and extroverted at 9:30 PM. He was inclusive and welcoming and gregarious. And he is a hugger.

Not being a hugger, I tried to refuse. I typically say something like, ‘that’s okay. I’m all sweaty’.  Then I’ll offer a hand to forestall the hug. I was able to get out: ‘That’s o…’ and then his smile hit me. His arms were extended wide open wide. He was not asking. He was commanding. He stepped closer and then his arms did a big wrap around that spanned my backpack and enclosed me into this royal presence. I could not say ‘no’ to his Majesty.

It was not a short hug. It was not a mere formality. Nor was it a pretense of friendliness. It lasted 5 or more seconds. It was done with strength and warmth and brotherhood.

He hugged me good. I liked it.

He let go and I had a big smile on my face. The aches of 3 hours in line on concrete and barely moving vanished. His again welcomed me to his side and we chatted.  I mentioned that my wife loves Shiva and I knew that soon she would be sad. (Yeah, that’s a spoiler). He looked sternly in my face and in character said that that day has not yet arrived and she should rejoice in the present.  (Maybe I embellished a little but the gist is correct).

He signed with flair, large and confident like royalty should. Then he added a paw print and Shiva’s name.  I must admit to be being thrilled. I was very happy. This is one of my favorite experiences as an autograph hound.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Meatloaf Dallas Fan Expo 2017

Meatloaf tells people he’s an actor and not a singer. He just acts as a singer. Okay, I get that.  I really know him from 2 things: Rocky Horror and Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

He was at Fan Expo in Dallas and while he line wasn’t extremely long it was slow. He chatted with everyone. When I stood in from of him, I mentioned I just saw him in an episode of Elementary. He causally said that wasn’t him. That stopped the conversation. I said okay and stopped talking.  His handler looked at me with a ‘what did I do’ look. I remained silent.

After he signed he handed me the photo and said that he didn’t think he was ‘right’ for that part. He didn’t like how he worked. So that wasn’t ‘him’. I interpreted that to mean he felt he didn’t give his all and he was disappointed and didn’t want to claim that as a victory.  I said I understood. He looked up and smile and I left.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tom Wilson Dallas Fan Days Expo 2017

So everyone knows Biff. It’s part of the culture. While Tom Wilson is a standup comedian and actor, everyone ignores that and just shouts out ‘Biff’ whenever they see him.

When I saw him, I welcomed him back to Dallas. I knew he had been at the local Improvs a few times over the years. He seemed happy someone knew that. he talked about touring some and since he had a line, I quickly moved on.