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Friday, July 31, 2015

Henry Winkler ComicPalooza 2015

As silly as it may seem, the Fonz was very high on my priority list at ComicPalooza.  I had seen he was making the convention rounds but not doing every show in every city.  While I was already going to Houston for this show, this was some icing on top.

While his line wasn’t long, it was constant over the 2 days I was at the show.  Lots of other people were just like me, they watched Henry Winkler for 10 years and now wanted to say hello and get an autograph. Many were also sharing a memory.  Henry Winkler was gracious and caring and listened.

He never hid behind the signing table. He stayed in front of it and greeted people.  He didn’t rush people.  As one family perused his photos, he saw that it was going to take some time so he walked down the line saying hello to people and thanked them for their patience.  Someone had a service dog and he started a conversation with them.

When he signed for me, he mentioned he used a paint pen and not a sharpie.  He was making sure I knew the signature would take longer to dry.  He also offered some covers for the photos if I needed one.  

It was very cool to meet him and even better that he seemed so fan friendly.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jason Isaacs ComicPalooza 2015

Well, we all know Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter but legions of Star Wars fans know him as the Inquisitor from the animated series Star Wars Rebels.  Most of the photos on his table were from Harry Potter but he had one from Star Wars. 

After he signed for me, I pointed to the lone Star War photo.  I told him I was enjoying that series.  He paused, wondering if I was one of those 50 year old guys watching cartoons in footie pajamas with an oversized bowl of cereal in front of me.

As I added a few other comments, he realized that even if I am that 50 year old guy in footie pajamas, I can still put together a string of words that are intelligible. we only exchanged a few more words and then I left.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Richard Harmon ComicPalooza 2015

I’m always intrigued by actors that appear on more than one show at the same time.

I know that work is hard to get so they never refuse a job. The actor’s life is not as glamourous as the rags make it seem.  Not every actor is making a million per episode or movie.

Richard Harmond is on The 100 and Continuum. While both of the shows are filmed in Canada it doesn’t mean it’s easy traveling between sets or getting into 2 different characters.

We chatted about both shows and I must admit I confused him about which show I was talking about. Regarding Continuum, he mentioned that the writers and creators had a strong idea of where they wanted the show to go and have been able to get it there.

Regarding 100 he was happy he was better than I expected.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

David Anders iZombi and ComicPalooza 2015

Because ComicPalooza always has a deep field of guests from lots of different shows, I was able to get David Anders’ autograph.  I’ll freely admit I’m enjoying iZombie and I do look forward to season two.

As with just about everyone, he was nice and friendly. To follow up with the nice and friendly comment, as he was walking through the convention people would stop him and take selfies.  Even when he was moving with a purpose, he took a few seconds with fans.

The reason this was nice was he was charging people for selfies at his table.  He could have politely redirected the fans to his spot on the floor and let his handler collection the money.  Instead of worrying about lost income, he making a few people happy.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Rocky Horror ComicPalooza 2015

Barry Bostwick and Nell Campbell were also at ComicPalooza.

I can freely admit to seeing rocky Horror Picture Show more times than I have fingers.  I can also admit to having the soundtrack and knowing most of the words to the intro song.

As I tell my wife, I HAD to get both Barry and Nell’s autographs.

Barry was standing in front of his table.  We chatted about Spin City a little.

Nell was nice but I didn’t have anything to say to her.

At this time, I have 3 signatures from that movie, as I picked up Patricia Quinn at another show.