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Friday, December 18, 2015

Something new and something old - Chicago Tardis 2015

One of my ComicCon buddies went to Chicago Tardis.  He and I have been friends for a few years.  He’s the one that helped me get Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman.

Since I wasn’t going to Chicago for this show, he offered to get me some autographs. Originally, he was going to get Jenna Coleman (Clara) but she cancelled.  Not a surprise as she cancels a lot of shows. In her place, he got Ingrid Oliver. She is one of the newest reoccurring characters.  I think part of her appeal is she plays a fangirl of the Doctor on the show.

He also picked up John Levene.  For me, this older character is important as he reminds me of the early days of the Tom Baker series. He played Sgt Benton. For the Jon Pertwee fans, he was Corp Benton.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kristin Bauer Austin ComicCon Wizard World 2015

The next autograph I picked up at Wizard World was KristinBauer. She was also friendly and chatted with fans. I don’t remember much about our exchange. I know I mentioned I liked her True Blood backstory and the loyalty she displayed.  I also remember commenting n her signature and how legible it was.



Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rutina Wesley Austin ComicCon Wizard World 2015

For me, getting True Blood autographs has been impossible. I’ve missed out on the San Diego cast signings during their 7 year run.  This Wizard World show had two cast members.  While Austin is only a ‘three hour’ drive on way, it makes for a long day.

Of course, my drive down to Austin did not go as planned.  I was in a 2 ½ hour traffic jam.  After 5 ½ hours in the car, I was slightly frustrated.  The frustration increased as I could not find the box office for the convention. Silly.  I overlooked it as it looked like the weapons check table. It was the weapons check table but it was where I got my admittance wristband.

Once I got in line for Rutina Wesley, the calm was restored. She was friendly. She talked to people and laughed. She seemed to have it all under control. The couple in front of me got on the topic of musicals with her.  She asked what their favorite musical was. When I stepped up, I asked what her favorite was. I forgot which one she said but she mentioned she really wanted to do Chicago. And now you know.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Steve Blum Dallas ComicCon Fandays 2015

While I’m not a huge Star Wars fan I really enjoyed the animated series Clone Wars and now Rebels. Both shows remind me of the ‘toons I watched as kid that had a moral compass.

Steve Blum, who has been done voice work in a million different projects, is in Star Wars Rebels. He was friendly and chatted with fans. I could overhear some of it and his fans were more interested in Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell.

As an added bonus, when he signed for me, he switched from his normal voice to Zeb’s voice (the character he plays in Rebels). It is fascinating how quickly he can change his voices. I smiled and left a happy kid.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Aaron Ashmore Dallas ComicCon Fandays 2015

Since I watched Warehouse 13 from start to finish and being a Killjoys fan, I was excited to see Aaron Ashmore at the show.

He was friendly and after he signed I wondered. I paused. I looked back. Both he and his twin were at this show. I never saw then at the same time. Could it be that only one was the show and doing a Patty Duke? Nah.  I know that didn’t happen.

 You have to admit, it would have been funny.