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Friday, October 24, 2014

Nolan Ryan B&N Northpark May 2014

Yes, it’s true; the great Nolan Ryan wrote a cookbook. And he signed it too. Considering he has his own cattle and beef company, a cookbook is not that far from mark.

The wife and I attended the signing at a local Barnes and Noble. The crowd was large but well behaved. The signing went smoothly. We were in and out in a reasonable amount of time.   He did try to look up for each person and thank them for showing up. Nothing less than you would expect from a classy guy like him.




Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ali Faulkner Fan Appreciation Days 2014

Dallas has a wealth of conventions that interest autograph collectors like me.  One of them recently changed hands. They held a Fan Appreciation Day to say thank you for the years of loyalty. The event was free and they had a few local actors and artists in attendance.

At this event, I picked up Ali Faulkner; a home grown actress that had a small role in one of the Twilight movies. While at the time I had not seen her in Twilight, I had seen her in Bad Kids Go to Hell.

We chatted.  Her fiancé was her handler. They made a cute couple.  The both seemed so young. A sign I’m getting old.

The photo I picked was the favorite of the future hubby. I guess we both have good taste.



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Garfunkel and Oats House of Blues 2014

Garfunkel and Oats came across my radar because of Chris Hardwick. The duo sang their song 29 31. Yes, it’s an oddly named song but very funny and the wife and I just laughed.

When Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome (the Oats and the Garfunkel) starred in a show on IFC, we naturally watched. We were slightly shocked but we also laughed. When they appeared at the House of Blues, we went and saw their act live. They do put on a good show. Go see them.

After the show we stayed and collected some autographs.  They set up a table and tried to sell CDs and t-shirts (let’s face it – a show on IFC didn’t bump them to a higher tax bracket) but everyone just wanted to say hello and get a signature.

They genuinely seemed to enjoy talking to their fans. They engaged individually or together based on the people talking to them.  They accepted feedback and input from the crowd with aplomb. I felt slightly greedy asking for an individual photo AND a group photo to be signed. When I mentioned it they both shook off any concern I had and thanked me for wanting their signatures.
But really, go see their show. You'll like it. You'll laugh. You'll never think of go carts the same way.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Survivor – Kickstarter 2014

Because of Veronica Mars, I learned about Kickstarter. While I was too late to take part of that project, I did surf through their site and funded the movie Survivor with Kevin Sorbo.  My perk was a signed poster and DVD.

To be truth, I’m not sure who signed the DVD. I image Kevin Sorbo signed but none of the signatures look like his. It does look like 5 people signed.  Nonetheless, it’s cool and I have it. Check out the scan.

If you have some insight on the signatures, send the info along. I’d love to hear from you.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Candy Clark Summer 2014 – car show NY

My dad and I were talking and he slipped in a question about the top loaders I use for my autographs.  He did it slyly and hid his intent well. However, I grew up with this man and know some of his Jedi tricks.

This is the man that bought 2 Rubic Cubes when we thought he bought one. For months, he had the family amazed that he could solve it.  In reality, he just swapped out the disorganized one with the one that was untouched when we weren’t looking.

In time I’ll tell other tales, but a casual question may not be as casual as you think.  The conversation ended with me sending some top loaders, you know, ‘in case’ the need arises.

Not long after I sent my package, I get a package back from him. Inside was an autographed photo from Candy Clark of America Graffiti fame.

Dad goes to a lot to car shows. Not like the autoramas we have that tours the convention centers. These are shows of personal cars covering acres and acres of open fields. The cars are organized and the owners hang out with pride. They have travel from far and wide to spend a weekend talking to fellow enthusiasts.

At a show in New York, dad ever thoughtful, noticed Candy and went on over. He talked to her about my collection and got an autograph for me. He liked her and said she was friendly.

Thanks dad!