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Friday, October 31, 2014

Clive Revill Emperor Dallas Fan Days 2014

The guys that run Fan Days also do a lot of private and public signings with various Star Wars alumni. Over the years I have gotten most of the main cast in person from the original Star Wars movies.  This time they brought in Clive Revill.

Okay, he’s not a marquee player like Mark Hamill but a rare opportunity nonetheless.  He was the first actor to portray the emperor in the movies. Yes, it’s minutiae but geeks are into minutiae.

The line was short but constant. Most of the people in line were working on projects.  The fans unrolled their posters already littered with signatures.  Some items barely had room for one more autographs. You’d almost expect to see gloves worn by the collectors to prevent the oils in their hands from damaging the paper…I think I have seen too many movies about mysteries in the museums.

After a short wait I got my photo signed and joined up with some friends. We were done for the night and started planning the next day.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Peter Robbins – Charlie Brown Dallas Fan Days 2014

As I get to the front of the line, I’m looking over PeterRobbins. He doesn’t LOOK like Charlie Brown.  He doesn’t SOUND like Charlie Brown.  Of course he is a voice actor and that was 45 years ago. It’s unfair of me to expect an oversized round head, beady eyes, one strand of curly hair, and thin lipped weak smile.

Friendly, open, smiling – what a great way to describe someone you grew up with as a kid.

After the pleasantries were aside, he asked if I knew any good steak places. Hmmm, I like a good filet.  I had several recommendations.  Not knowing his price point, I shamelessly mentioned the high dollar ones: Bob’s, III Forks, Silver Fox, and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle.

When I saw that he was actually writing down the names of the restaurants, I realized he was serious. He asked about how far they were.  I gave some estimates.  I looked to the volunteer helping at his table to get some confirmation of the distances. Her expression was a deer in the headlights; just a blank look.  Obviously her idea of a good steak was Red Lobster or even (the horror!) Steak Kountry.

Realizing the volunteer was no help, I told him to the show promoters.  He thanked me and I left with my autograph.



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Karen Allen Dallas Fan Days 2014

Often I really have nothing to say to someone. Outside of exchanging a few pleasantries I just wing it.  I have no research to go on. I react or say something off the top of the head and move on. Sometimes it organically becomes a great meeting. Sometimes it’s a dud.

However, there are times I could use a few warm up swings.  Getting some time in the batting cage would be good. Stretching and preparing before the big game would be good; especially when I get a chance to meet Karen Allen.

This was THE Karen Allen of Indiana Jones fame; THE Karen Allen of Starman fame; THE Karen Allen who I’ve had a crush on for decades; THE Karen Allen the wife was tired of hearing about 2 months ago.

No one was in line for Karen. I rushed to the front with a huge silly grin on my face. She said hello. I’m not sure but I think I blushed. I said hello back. I asked for an autograph. She asked me what I would like signed. I picked a photo.

While everything was ‘good’, it was NOT going in a way worthy of the experience. I knew it was going to end too soon. Too soon!  This was embarrassing. This was going to be a premature autograph. I can’t have that with Karen Allen! I needed to do something to stop this. I needed to slow it down.  I need change the game plan before I just walk away with no anecdote to record. The count was now 0 and 1.

I paused. Mentally I stepped out of the batter’s box. I took a deep breath. Yeah, okay, it wasn’t a deep breath; it was a big love sick sigh. I looked her in the eyes. I said: I just need to absorb this for minute. I can’t believe I’m seeing you in person. I love your freckles. She just smiled. 

Yes, I’m really back on track now with that comment. Was that ever a swing and a miss?  I was miles behind that fastball. It wasn’t even a long foul ball. Ugh. I love your freckles? Really?  Let’s just say I’m pervy stalker. The count was 0 and 2. I haven’t even made contact.

I pause again…sans love sick sigh.  She asked if I want it personalized.  I said no. She signed. She handed me the photo. I thanked her. I told her how happy I was to finally meet her. She smiled sweetly back. It was over. This ended with a foul tip third strike into the catcher’s mitt. How inglorious.

I turned and left. I walked away and stared at her photo thinking that I could have game planned better.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pat Priest Munster Mansion 2014

Something I had not known about for the last 10 years is Munster Mansion. A lady in Waxahachie has built a house to resemble the memorable abode for the TV series, The Munsters.  For one weekend a year, you can tour the house and the money goes to a charity.  Fair warning, it’s an extremely long wait to get inside.  It is amazing and while you may have your doubts about waiting, you do not question yourself afterward.

Along with the tour are several activities for the young and old. The event that caused a couple of hounds and me to drive all the way out there was Pat Priest, the blond, normal one from the TV series.

While I was only the 5th person in line, I waited close to 45 minutes to get my autograph. She was extremely personable and outgoing. With every intention of saying nothing to her so I could get in and out quickly, I found myself chatting and spending more time than I planned.

She told me was living in Idaho and how the weather in Texas is so unpredictable. She had been to the Munster Mansion wearing furs and long johns and other times desperately wanting air conditioning.  She brought a nice assortment of photos and was willing to sign other items and more than willing to pose for photos.



Monday, October 27, 2014

Burton Gilliam Norma’s Café 2014

While Burton Gilliam is a local, I haven’t gotten him before. When I heard he’d be signing at the local Norma’s Café at lunch, I headed on over.

I got there as Burton was finishing. The wait staff and managers were busy taking photos with him. They had served him a large plate of chicken fried steak.  He spent 5 minutes trying to cut a piece off and eat it as one waitress or another posed with him. Very good naturally, he lifted his fork, dripping with gravy and posed with several people.

I just hung back and wanted him to finish.  He smiled and joked through all of the interruptions.  As he finally got the forkful in and chewed, he looked around and saw me.  He waved me up to the table.  I waved him and off and said I’d wait.  He swallowed and told me that it’s his pleasure. He pulled out a photo and picked up his pen.

He read my name badge and signed his photo. (Yes, I stopped by during my lunch hour.) I thanked him and was ready to let him eat in peace.   That was not in the cards. He asked where I grew up.  I told him Jersey. He gave me an even a bigger grin. He asked if I knew of Cape May.  I nodded yes. He told me he was in the Coast Guard and stationed there.  Then he told me he boxed for the Coast Guard. He had a very impressive record. I paused. I looked at his nose. I said, you must have been good, your nose wasn’t broken.   He said nope.

Then he asked where I worked.  I told him I’m at Mary Kay. He paused and he pulled a name out of the past: Rodgers.  I said: Richard?  I got a quick and emphatic yes.  He told me he went to church with Richard and his mom, Mary Kay. 

At that point I left.  He made a great impression with me and I was smiling all the way back to work.