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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Necrolectric #SDCC 2014

My favorite booth, Holzheimer’s had the cast of Necrolectric do a signing. The little that I know about the show is what Jackie, who is with the booth, told me.  It’s a web series.  It’s always hard for web series to find an audience.

I walked up during a lull and the whole cast gathered around me.  If I remember correctly, it was 3 ladies and 2 guys and a photographer. I’m the center of attention as the girls were each asking me questions. All the questions were more or less the same. Mostly the questions were if I have heard about the show yet. They were talking over themselves. As I start one answer, I got another question thrown at me. It was like being on a sit com: never getting to finish a sentence.  The guys were just wondering why I was so important.

I only got signatures from the girls.  The guys did ask why I omitted them. I laughed and pointed at their muscular bare chest photos. They didn’t get what I was implying. I told them I was intimidated by their good looks, very muscular bodies, and lack of body hair. The girls laughed. 
The photos signed are Stephanie Koenig, Chelsea Alden, and Serena Lorien.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Seth Meyers Entertainment Earth SDCC 2014

I mentioned earlier, Entertainment Earth made getting autographs easy. I expect that ease was from a lack of understanding from the masses and next year will be a challenge. Since I was having some success, I threw my hat in the ring for Seth Meyers.

Again, Entertain Earth would allow outside items signed but I was unprepared. When they offered a reasonably prices action figure, I pulled the trigger and bought one.

And again, Entertainment Earth was very cool about letting people take photos with the celebs. And the celebs they had seemed to enjoy the fan interaction.



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

James Dashner Maze Runner SDCC 2014

Once I got through the Saturday travails of raffles, I got onto the expo floor and lined up for James Dashner.  The line wasn’t too long and once it started it went fast.  I barely had time to chat with line mates and look around when I was in from of the author.

That is not to say interest in the book, Maze Runner, was mild.  With the upcoming movie, people wanted to meet the author. Sometimes, it’s all about the timing and I was ahead of the wave. 

Because of the interest, it was an assembly line signing. Nothing wrong with that; especially at SDCC where you can spend hours in line and come up empty.



Monday, November 17, 2014

Chris Hadfield – Canadian Astronaut B&N NorthPark

There is no denying I’m a geek. I have a big place in my heart for space geek-ery.  The announcement of an astronaut coming to my favorite B&N was exciting. Even as busy I’ve been with roommate, work, and new house; I craved out some time to attend the Chris Hadfield signing.

Of course I got there late but I heard most of what he said.  As you know, I usually want to skip the Q&A and lecture but what I heard was intriguing and enlightening. I found it interesting how Chris described zero G and the effect to the body over long periods of time.  He also described the sensations once gravity was reapplied and his own issues with bone density.

He was a very friendly and gave extra time to the children in attendance. He took special care to introduce himself directly to the little ones to them and to speak directly to them. He often handed the signed book back to the child and told them they were responsible of taking care of the book.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Ksenia Solo Rose City ComicCon 2014

There was no reason at all for me to get Ksenia Solo’s autograph again. I was able to see her in Houston less than a year ago and she was a super sweet. In fact, some friends even got to hang out with her in the hotel bar and she bought them drinks.

However, I saw this photo and I couldn’t resist.

As I waited in line, I saw her interact with people she met over the weekend and little ones.  She genuinely seemed to enjoy being at the show and getting to know fans. She didn’t hide her face in a phone or chat with her co-star, who was sitting next to her. She was up front and accessible.

As she signed for me, I mentioned how my friends got to hang out with her in Houston. While she couldn’t remember (and I told her I didn’t expect her to remember them) she tried hard to recall the event.  Then one of my fellow hounds came up and joined the conversation. He mentioned how jealous we all were. As a group, in Houston, we had just separated. Then we see photos on Facebook of what we missed.

She signed and we left. No drinks this time either.