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Friday, April 29, 2016

Dominic Keating – Creation Convention - Dallas 2016

I enjoyed the series Enterprise. It’s had some issues with continuity issues with the Original series but so did Next Generation.  Enterprise actors have been harder to run across on the con circuit so I was happy to Dominic Keating show in Dallas.

I got to his table just as a couple other actors were coin got him.  He had internet access and they didn’t. They were trying to confirm their flights.  He tried to ignore them but I told him to take care of them first. I liked that he had customer service skills.

When he got them situated correctly, he apologized and signed for me.



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time Tunnel‘s James Darren – Creation Convention - Dallas 2016

This was the big reason I attended Creation Convention after all these years; James Darren.  I loved Time Tunnel as a kid. I was a junkie for the Irwin Allen TV shows. Not good sci fi by any measure but it was colorful and designed to get kids to watch.  

On Saturday, James was sitting and had a few fans just stop by to say hi.  When I showed up those fans politely left. They realized I was a paying customer.  As James Darren signed, I asked that he put his character name on the photo.  He paused to think of that name.  All weekend it was Star Trek, and not I was coming up with Time Tunnel.

It was great to see him and get the signature.



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vaughn Armstrong and Ethan Phillips – Creation Convention - Dallas 2016

After avoiding Creation Conventions for over a decade (maybe 2 decades), I temporarily lifted my ban on them and attended the Dallas show.  It was a Star Trek show and they had a few names that piqued my interest.

On Friday night of the convention, I picked up VaughanArmstrong and Ethan Phillips.  Both were nice guys. By the time I got them, they had also been signing for 2 hours. It’s always interesting to see these guys interact with the fans. Trekkies can be hard to work with. These guys were nice and accommodating and smiling. I overheard some comments by the fans that made me wince and that makes me appreciate the effort the celebs put out even more.

I was at the end of the line as the convention (rightly) allows the fans that paid for the better seats to go first.  It’s a nice system as everyone can stay in their seats and relax. Because I only paid for steerage, I was the last to be called.  Even with that, I still got done before a lot of others that paid for nicer seats. I didn’t need to stay for everyone that was signing at that time.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paul Blake, Brian Muir, and Tim Lawrence - All Con Dallas 2016

All Con is a convention that is small and personal and doesn’t just do celeb signings or comic artists.  It might never grow but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They can keep their core fans happy and work on improving the show each year.

This year I also most overlooked this con.  A fellow hound encouraged me to show up and I’m glad I did.

Brian Muir is the artist that designed Darth Vader’s helmet. You have also seen his work on the movie Alien. Both pieces are very iconic.  The Alien ‘space Jockey’ used in the movie was about 30 feet tall. 

He traveled with his wife and they too this opportunity to see more of the US. They drove through the southern part which they found much different that England.

Paul Blake signed and he did not shoot first.

The last pick up at this event was Tim Lawrence. He was in the suit that he created for Ghostbusters.  He has a very fancy signature.  He uses a paint pen to sign and then takes a hair dryer out and dries the photo before handing it back.  Considering that most people don’t do paint pens, it’s a nice gesture to his fan that might smear the autograph before it dried.



Monday, April 25, 2016

Scott Thompson Walker Stalker Dallas 2016

I don’t watch the plethora of ‘cop’ shows out there.  I watched Hill Street Blues for the first few episodes and then bailed.  Never came back.  I’ll watched Monk, Castle, and Elementary but not because I enjoy the genre but because something in them intrigues me.

So Scott Thompson on Hannibal meant nothing to me.  Scott Thompson on Kids in the Hall was exciting.  As I talked to him, I learned the group still gets back together and does some touring.  I need to keep that on the radar. We were both fans of Second City TV and many of the stars that developed there.

It was a nice encounter and he was a friendly guy.