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Monday, February 9, 2015

Vignette – the alarm clock

This isn’t autograph oriented but it is autobiographic oriented.

Tuesday night I got a sore throat. It came on quickly and was intense. It hurt a lot.  Swallowing was miserable. Obviously the lymph nodes were swollen as the pain was sharp.  Pitifully, I asked my dear sweet caring wife to get me some ice cream.  Request denied.

After dragging myself to Wendy’s for a Frosty, the best sore throat medicine you can buy without a prescription, I sat in front of the TV and quickly ate the numbing ice cream.  It didn’t work. I took some aspirin and got ready for bed.

I never really slept. I dozed lightly. The discomfort from swallowing brought me back to the surface of reality; a reality where I recalled vague dream remnants of tonsillectomies and tracheotomies and gargling with acid.

At 2:17 AM (I know because I looked), I gave up on dozing. With the lights still off, I got up. I bit the bullet and went to the hard stuff. I took a big swig of Nyquil. From the bottle. Without wiping the lip.

I hate taking the hard stuff when I need to work in the morning. I always wake up slow and foggy. I don’t like that feeling. It’s why I don’t drink. I like to remain in control. If you know me, it’s such an oxymoron-ism as I’m rarely in control.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Rangers Winter Caravan Frisco, TX 2015

Even with this being in my backyard, I think it’s been a year or so since I’ve gone. This year the crowd was smaller (it’s been a couple of years since their World Series run) and I was able to cycle through each of the signing lines and get everyone I wanted. In the past, getting through 1 line of the 3 signing lines was all I could do by myself. This year, it looked like I could have gone through a second or third time.

I got in line a few hours early.  I must admit, I drove past the location a few hours earlier and saw 2 people in line. I decided to be productive with my morning and run some errors. Yeah me.

I did get back to the event about 2 hours early. About 30 people were in front of me. It was cold and windy. I brought my heavy jacket and book and I read. I’ve been rereading Dune (this is one of my Desert Island books – if stranded – I want this book with me.  And don’t tell me you like the movie.) and I knocked off about 50 pages. It’s nice to get some quality reading done.
I was able to pick up:
Once the signing started, I was in and out within 30 minutes.  Very nice. Again, I was  able to come home and enjoy a Saturday afternoon.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ranger Fan Fest Arlington, TX 2015

Ahhh, Ranger Winter Fan fest. The event where you spend hours outside in the cold and on the hard concrete to then be allowed inside the stadium to wait hours in the cold and on the hard concrete.

Well, it’s not so bad in the stadium. Less wind and you are moving around and the signing areas are somewhat climate controlled.

There is no doubting Fan Fest has changed a lot over the decades. And if I was 10 years young I would have gotten much more. But for a semi full day and with my slow gait and learning curve (I haven’t been in a few years), I’m happy with my success.

I only got 3 baseballs signed.  I got 5 players to sign some cards. I got home in time to enjoy my Saturday afternoon.

The following players signed balls:

I got the father and son Bacsiks to sign on ball. I thought it interesting. Both had some time with the Rangers.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Texas Winter Caravan Mesquite Texas 2015

Yes more baseballs. 

I was able to leave work a little early and drive out to Mesquite. That’s a part of town I don’t visit often.  The drive was easy even though it was a cold drizzly night.  I actually had time to stop for some fast food. 

When I entered the store, the line wasn’t very long even though it was only an hour before the signing.  I immediately took my place in line and played words with friends.

Once the signing started I was able to get in and out fairly quickly. I got Jorge Alfaro, Marin Perez, and Rougned Odor to sign balls for me.

I was back on the road in no time and actually made it home in time to watch a little TV with the wife.



Friday, January 30, 2015

Andrew Divoff Twisted Tales 2014

Twisted Tales Film Festival has been running for a few years in Dallas but not on the radar.  This is year it was on the radar and there were a few celebs I wanted to get. However, when I arrived all of the celebs were at a movie screening. Since I had another engagement that evening, I couldn’t stick around to wait for their return.

Again, my fellow hound, Gambit, came to my aid and offered to pick up some signatures.  Of my ‘want list’ for the show, the one that seemed toughest was Andrew Divoff. Being a Lostie (fan of the show Lost), it was an obvious choice.

It’s a nice addition to the collection and I owe many thanks to Gambit for the help over the last year or so.